9 Easy & Quick Halloween Crafts Design Ideas for Kids 2020

Halloween is considered to be the evening before the All Saint’s Day, which is widely celebrated on the night of 31st October. The day is celebrated by dressing up with the masks and costumes that would be frightening. Halloween craft ideas have been quite trendy in celebrating the Halloween day.

9 Best Halloween Crafts and Ideas for Kids and Preschoolers:

Here are some easy Halloween crafts that would be a new adventure for your kids,

1. Happy and Sad Halloween Hanging Crafts:

Happy and Sad Halloween Hanging Crafts

Want to explore the happy and sad side of life through Halloween crafts! Here is a hanging charm for doors which carry white ghosts in both sad and happy mood.

2. Halloween Candle Lights:

Halloween Candle Lights

This would be one of the craziest Halloween craft ideas for kids. The candle lights are made in glass jars which are covered with white tissue or cloth strips and black eyes on it. When candle is lit in it, it would surely give you a good effect. Artificial eye gives soft effect to this craft; you will surely like this pattern as a Halloween craft.

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3. Bat Pen Dropper:

Bat Pen Dropper

Halloween crafts for adults include a craft that is used to store stationery like pen, pencil, etc. on the desk. It is given the look of a flying ghost or bat with two teeth on the outer portion for a terrible look. You can personalize this thing as per your idea or creativity too.

4. Halloween Lanterns:

Halloween Lanterns

Want to decorate your houses with a unique look this Halloween! Here are typical designs of Halloween crafts for toddlers. Made out of various strings, with black and white color, they are widely used during Halloween as lanterns. Hang this craft in your bedroom it will good horrible effect as a decorative touch.

5. Halloween House:

Halloween House

Ice cream sticks have been quite popular for Halloween craft ideas for toddlers. The houses are made by using various ice sticks and cardboard papers which are given terrible look using sketches. Use black and velvet colored combination while making this craft, you can gift this for your friends too.

6. Hand Print Craft:

Hand Print Halloween Craft

Hand print Halloween crafts for preschoolers have been the best to celebrate the day. The hand print is further given drawings to make it similar to the vampire design. Use this craft idea on white or yellow paper or you can try on wall in your room too.

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7. Felt Halloween Craft:

Felt Halloween Craft

This has been one of the easy Halloween crafts for kids. The ghost is made by simply covering plastic balls with white fabric on it covered fully with long cut lines. The ball is also given black spots showing eyes.

8. Paper Dish Ghost Hats:

Paper Dish Ghost Hats

Want to have that mysterious look! A Halloween crafts for kids made with paper dishes would surely help you for that. The hats in black are further decorated with clumsy charms to give you a perfect look.

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9. Cotton Skeleton:

Cotton Skeleton

Cotton skeletons are the mostly made Halloween crafts for preschoolers which are made by making cotton thin strips. The face is also given similar cotton look which are then stuck on black cardboard.

For making these crafts, mostly used materials are cotton, earbuds, cardboard, paper dishes, and much more. They are capable enough to give you that desired look for celebrating the Halloween week. They are mostly made with lighting effects that are hanged on the corridors and balconies for a deadly effect.

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