9 Cute Insects and Bugs Crafts For Kids And Toddlers

The weather is warming up and lots of bugs and insects are crawling up. Give your kids a chance to make these buggy crafts which would be lot of fun and also little educative. You need to have little raw materials to make them. The kids would love to make those buzzing insects.

Best Bugs and Insects crafts For Kids And Toddlers:

Here are few insects and bugs crafts, choose from below top 9 bugs and insects crafts,

1. Lady Bug Paper Plate Craft:

Lady Bug Paper Plate Craft

Make cute lady bug craft with paper plates and few colors. It looks so nice. Give them nice red and black colors. The kids would love to make them. It is a very simple craft. Kids would make those buggy noises and roam around the house with these cute bugs.

2. Dragon Fly Craft:

Dragon Fly Craft

A nice insect craft for the kids of all ages, in summers the children would love to know about these creatures. You can also explain the anatomy of these insects. A fun way of educating kids. You just need few colored papers and beads to make them. Kids would run around with these flies.

3. Rainbow Butterfly Cork Craft:

Rainbow Butterfly Cork Craft

It is a nice bug craft. It’s a great summer craft for kids. You can make some brightly colored butterflies with come corks. This cork craft is super easy. You need some googly eyes and wings then your butterflies are ready. Kids would love to run with them in the garden.

4. Snail Paper Craft:

Snail Paper Craft

These little spiral snails will make you smile. Kids will love these slow-moving snails. This makes the loving preschool bug crafts. The children would love to know more about mollusks. All you need is craft papers and colors and pipe cleaners. Roll the papers and bend it to make spirals. Fix those little eyes and your snails are ready to move in the garden.

5. Bumblebee Bookmark Craft:

Bumblebee Bookmark Craft

This is a nice idea of making bookmarks. These are fun bug crafts for kids. A bookmark with a bumblebee head would be such fun for kids. All you need is some pipe cleaners, paints glue etc. You can make such lovely bookmarks. These bookmarks will make kids to read books and use them. Getting your kid into the reading habit would be so fun with these bookmarks.

6. Spider Finger Puppet Craft:

Spider Finger Puppet Craft

These insect crafts are so much fun. Creepy, crawling spiders would be a nice idea for crafts. Spider puppets will make the kids to enjoy the craft making. With Halloween around the corner it could be a nice idea for adults as well. These are the good insect crafts for preschoolers. With simple materials you can make the spiders look scary and creepy.

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7. Bug Headband Craft:

Bug Headband Craft

You can make these lovely and adorable headbands. These are the nice bug crafts for toddlers. All you need is pipe cleaners and paper bags. Wrap the strip around your child’s head and mark them. Use pipe cleaners to make the antennas. Twist them to give a nice buggy look. Headbands are so much fun for children. They would play around the house with these adorable bands.

8. Tissue Paper Bee Craft:

Tissue Paper Bee Craft

An ideal craft for kids. Tissue papers can be used to make these lovely bees. Buzzing bees will make the kids go crazy. A very simple craft where you can use tissue papers and some glue pens to create them. Use large googly eyes for these bees. Make spirals for their antennas. They look lovely.

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9. Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft:

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

These sweet egg carton caterpillar crafts are ideal insect crafts for kids and toddlers. You can reuse the egg cartons to make the body of these caterpillars. Color them and fix it with the antennas. Make some googly eyes in the front. These caterpillars make a cute craft for kids. These would definitely turn into lovely butterflies sometime.

Kids can learn more about insects and bugs. They can check out their anatomy. It is good to learn things while having fun. Kids really love making these creepy spiders, caterpillars etc. They would play in the garden as though they are playing with real insects.

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