9 Easy and Unique Owl Crafts And Activities For Kids And Adults

Owls are nocturnal – sleep during the day and awake at night. Nowadays kids also have become like owls – staying awake until late night.

Best  And Easy Owl Crafts & Activities For Kids And Adults:

Here are some fresh and easy owl craft ideas to keep your child and of course yourself busy too,

1. Paper Roll Owls Craft:

Paper Roll Owls Craft

This one is really easy owl crafts for kids to make out of old tissue rolls. You just need colored sheets, glue and buttons for eyes. Decorate it as you feel like and make a really cute colorful owl. Cut out the top part into a semi-circle curved inside. Cover the owl with colored sheet. Stick the buttons as eyes and a small triangular felt piece for a nose. Cut two semi-circles for the wings and Voila your owl is ready.

2. Patchwork Apron Owl Craft:

Patchwork Apron Owl Craft

A colorful apron for your angel so that she does not soil her clothes while playing. A felt owl face for the bodice and for the bottom part, old or leftover cloth pieces can be used to make scallops show the feathery body. A wonderful and easy work for the mom, it will surely bring a joyful smile on both, mother and daughter’s faces.

3. Old Sack Owl Craft:

Old Sack Owl Craft

Have an old piece of sack cloth?? Don’t know what to do with it?? No Worries. Just a couple of folds and stitch buttons for eyes, an old heart shaped button or even a clothes-pin for a nose and look what a wonderful owl craft idea of wall art you have created!!!

4. Paper Plate Owl Craft:

Paper Plate Owl Craft

Kids are bored on weekends?? Too much of TV is not good. Here’s a wonderful idea to keep them busy. Have a couple of Paper Plates, Chart paper, sketch pens?? So let’s get to work. Just cut a small bit on the top of paper plate craft owls to make the head and ears, paint it brown. Cut out large circles for eyes and nose. You can also cut small pieces of chart paper in the form of branches and leaves. There your kiddo has created a perfect art piece for his room.

5. Finger Print Owl Craft:

Finger Print Owl Craft

Here are the easy owl crafts for toddlers. Cut out a large oval piece of chart paper for the body & face, eyes and nose as well. Stick them on a dark blue or black chart paper. Cut out legs and stick them too. Now dip your child’s palm in lighter shade water color or powder paint and place them on either side of the body to make them look like wings.

6. Button Owl as a Craft:

Button Owl as a Craft

All you need is lots of buttons, glue, and chart paper. Draw a picture of an owl sitting on a tree. You can even download a printable template from any site and trace it on the chart paper or canvas. Now start sticking the buttons. You can even frame it and hang it as a beautiful wall art.

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7. Juice Carton Owl Craft:

Juice Carton Owl Craft

Turn an old juice carton into a beautiful bird feeder. Paint it any bright color. You can use old bottle caps for the eyes. Cut out triangular pieces on the sides for wings and a large hole in the front. Put some bird seeds in it and hang it out in your garden or balcony. See how many wonderful birds come chirping to your attractive owl.

8. Ice Cream Stick Owl Craft:

Ice Cream Stick Owl Craft

Color 4 to 5 ice cream sticks with any dark color and after they have dried up, paste them side by side on a piece of chart paper. Stick two feathers to the side for wings. For the eyes cut out two large circles and two small circles. Paint the small circles black and stick them on the bigger one. Paste them as eyes. Draw a tree around it showing the owl sitting on it.

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9. Plastic Bag Owl Craft:

Plastic Bag Owl Craft

A wonderful idea for the adults to create gifts bags of owl crafts for children. It can also be handed out packing the return gifts for birthdays. Put your chocolates or gift article in the plastic bag and staple it. Cut out owl faces on colored card sheets or you can even cut out on white sheet and paint them. Staple them on the top and to the side staple two leaf shaped card sheets for wings creative and innovative work.

Owls fly around and hunt only at night. They are very mysterious and stunning too. Owls are also known as wise birds. So help your child be wise and create wonderful art.

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