9 Months Old Baby – Weight, Care, Development & Milestones

Babies are really precious and like any precious thing you have to take special care of them. There are some steps that you should strictly follow. Proper watch on the weight, food, development, toys, sleep, etc should be kept for the sake of the little one. One of the most important determining factors is the age of baby which changes everything. In this article, we will be discussing about babies who are 9 months old, their habits and tips for intensive care. The 9 month old baby has some serious difference than the 9 or 8 months old ones and they are discussed here.

9 Months Old Baby

In this article you will be provided with relevant facts about the weight, baby care, feeding , development, foods, toys, sleep, etc of the 9 months old baby. So lets get started!

9 Months Old Baby Weight:

There is basically no such fixed weight for the 9 months old baby. One thing that you will have to keep track about that is whether the baby in gaining good amount of weight and steadily. This is one of the most important facts about the baby. If for some reasons you loose track and there is uneven gain or loss of weight, then it can be really harmful for the baby. If however, there are some unexpected changes in the weight, you know who to call, right? The doctor. Since, baby has been feeding on mothers milk for 6 months, most of the baby weight will be dependent on the substance of the milk and the nutritional value of the milk as well. The baby weight is one of the most important factors when it comes to taking proper care of the baby.

9 Months Old Baby Care:

The baby will show some relative signs of movement. This is pretty natural. The 9 months old become toddlers easily and this is one of the prime reasons why special care should betaken. Baby care also includes taking proper care of the baby such as feeding the sin and keeping it well with the help of moisturizers. Using only those skin and facial products which are recommended by the doctors. The baby will require some extra love in this age and this is when the love and affection of the mother comes into the picture. The baby will behave a little mischievous in this age and this is natural. The baby will try to learn new things and there will be some complex changes in him/her which the parents will have to identify (such changes generally include behavioral changes).

9 Months Old Baby Feeding:

Feeding is what will make the baby grow physically. This stage is a bit messy and there might be changes in the baby’s appetite. The baby will try to eat itself and it will be a serious issue to keep them clean. On the other hand, experts say that the baby should be allowed to explore new things and one of them is foods. Sometimes the parents will allow the baby to try food by themselves. Transferring food to the mouth will make the clothes and the feeding cloth dirty but it is worth it as this behavior is proven to stimulate mental development. The meal times are generally controlled by parents so there is no hard and strict rule for that.

9 Months Old Baby Sleep:

There will be some changes in the sleeping behavior of the baby as well. The overnight feeding has gone and the mother won’t have many sleepless nights. But there will be still be constant tension in the head for cleaning the diapers, which is one of the common problems related with babies. The babies drop from 3-2 sleeps within 24 hours and this is one of the most seen behavioral changes in babies of this age. This stage (9 months) also brings many other sleeping changes such as if the wakes up at night because of some reason and feels that the parents are not around, he or she will cry a lot and this will wake up the parents eventually. It is time that the baby is allowed to sleep with the parents with some movement alerts. There will be some serious movement changes during sleep and this is also common among children.

9 Months Old Baby Development:

This is the time when there will be chances of teeth growth and you may take the baby to the dentist as well if there is not signs of teeth growth. Teeth growth will indicate that the baby is growing. There are baby teeth growth available in the stores that will assist you in keeping track of the teeth growth in babies. The baby will need some real clothes and size 1 cloth will be suitable for him. There are many awesome companies providing alluring clothes for babies of this age. According to research it has been seen that babies of this age grow overnight, literally and this means that you baby will also be growing pretty fast. You will have to pre-arrange all the important things that will be required by the baby when he grows more.

Among the 9 months old activities, playing with new things, putting them in mouth, trying to eat by himself are the most common ones. These activities are common in almost all babies.

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9 Months Old Baby Food and Toys & Milestones:

Toys at this age generally include the learning toys. Finger foods are the common foods consumed by babies at this age. The baby should be allowed to eat along and this will be one of the most important steps towards development. Milestones include proper sitting, lying down by themselves, proper limb movement, etc.

Controlling babies can be hectic, specially when they are growing fast. One of the best ways to allow the babies to grow properly can be to track the development and make a proper chart for their toys required, food eaten, etc.