Caffeine For Weight Loss: How it Works? With Research backed data

All you Caffeine lovers, it’s time to rejoice! With recent studies on the benefits of Caffeine for weight loss, we can park our guilt aside and grab a cup of coffee. Along with making you feel more refreshed and mentally awake, this agent could also be a gamechanger in your fitness journey. But weren’t you always told that Caffeine could be bad for your health? Let’s demystify the facts for you!

Until a few years ago, health experts were of the opinion that Caffeine consumption could lead to weight gain. But their claims were not backed by solid evidence or partly based on some very early research. However, a thorough analysis was done to discover that higher caffeine consumption could lead to greater weight loss and better weight management.

Caffeine For Weight Loss

Table Of Content:

  • What Is Caffeine?
  • Is Caffeine Good For Weight Loss?
  • How does Caffeine help In Weight loss?
  • Side- effects of caffeine pills

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a type of psychoactive substance, which is found in legal drinks like Coffee, tea, green tea and cocoa. It can stimulate your central nervous system and increase your brain activity, by blocking the effects of Adenosine, a brain relaxer.

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Is Caffeine Good For Weight Loss?

Caffeine is perceived to be one of the best boosters of body metabolism. It gets quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and stimulates your digestive system. Plus, studies suggest that high caffeine content can increase thermogenesis, which generates more heat for faster fat burn, leading to weight loss. (1)

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How does Caffeine help In Weight loss?

Detailed research has revealed that caffeine acts as a catalyst in weight loss. The chemicals present are known to stimulate the metabolism that enables faster burning of calories, thus resulting in weight loss. Let’s do a quick analysis of each of the benefits of Caffeine for fat loss, to understand how this process work:

1. Thermogenic effect:

Caffeine plays an important role in freeing up the fat cells from its storage units. This process is called Lipolysis, which allows these fats to be used for energy, instead of piling up in your body. Along with that, Caffeine also increases the rate of metabolic burn that is present during weight loss, which is called the thermogenic effect. This helps in better burning of your calories. (2)

2. The diuretic effect:

Water constitutes a larger percentage of weight in your body. Caffeine is a diuretic agent, which can flush out the water through urine or sweat, which can be a temporary way to lose weight. However, excessive water loss may harm your body due to dehydration and kidney damage.

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3. Decreases Fatigue During exercise:

Studies have revealed that caffeine intake enhances the alertness of the body and encourages a person to work out for a longer time. Better exercise can lead to better burning of calories. In this case, Caffeine helps in fuelling your energy with the stored fats to notice a slimmer waistline. (3)

4. Hunger Suppressant:

Excessive eating is a disorder in some people, which is largely associated with mood swings or depression. Caffeine has a relaxing effect on your central nervous system, which may help in nullifying the food cravings. Thus, you may end up eating less than what you normally do, which can cause weight loss.

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Side- effects of caffeine pills:

Although the above points sound tempting to try, you must learn about the dangerous side effects of Caffeine overdose, including pills and supplements:

  • The safe dosage limit for an average, healthy adult is 400 mg per day. Consuming more than this quantity can have dreadful side effects like nausea, dizziness, anxiety, tremors, palpitations, drowsiness and irritability.
  • It can cause a deficiency of minerals like potassium leading to severe health hazards.
  • Caffeine intake often results in affecting blood sugar levels.
  • It causes the formation of extra sugar, which then gets converted into fat deposits leading to gain of weight.
  • Caffeine addiction maybe life threating and may pose your body to irreversible damage

In short, Caffeine is proven to help healthy individuals lose weight, along with following a healthy lifestyle. However, this doesn’t support its suitability for all body types and health conditions. You must always consult a physician to verify the parameters in detail and outweigh the potential risks of having this agent.

This article does not support or recommend taking Caffeine for losing weight and is only for information purpose based on certain research papers, websites and journals.

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