Body Odor During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a side which is dreamy and beautiful along with a pungent side to it as well. While most women do not talk about these embarrassing parts of pregnancy, they are definitely experiencing it. Women during pregnancy may look healthy and their faces might be glowing like a bulb, but they do have the stinky side to it as well. Getting fatter and bigger with another human growing inside them, most women start to become what we might call a smelly cat. Now if you are able to relate to this, you have nothing to worry about since it is quite natural. Let’s see how.

Body Odor During Pregnancy


There are reasons as to why you might have a bad body odor during pregnancy and it is nothing out of the blue. You will be able to relate and understand the whole idea of it once you are done reading.

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Odor during pregnancy is mainly concentrated at the genitals and the armpits which are mainly caused due to the hormonal changes you undergo. Although women with conditions such as the poly cystic ovary syndrome are more vulnerable to the body odor.

Now, becoming bigger and bigger and with more weight adding on, it is quite natural to sweat more. While sweating is intended to cool the body, the bacteria that are formed due the contact with skin is what bring out your body odor while pregnant.Also, body odor is considered to be nature’s way of training the just born to recognize since they are weak in their eyesight and in their hearing abilities as well. The smell from armpits especially, is known to help babies turn their heads for breastfeeding.

How bad is it?

However bad you think it is you do not have a put off smell. And even if you do, many will find it alright that you have an odor while pregnant. And if you think people around you might be noticing it, relax. It is not that bad. And it mostly seems very aggravated to you since your smell sense has climbed up the ladder due the hormones and it seems a little bit obvious to you. Otherwise, it is quite natural for it to happen. Now if you are thinking of going to see your doctors regarding it, you might want to try some of the home remedies and then if it still doesn’t help, go see your doctors since it might be due to a bacterial or a fungal infection as well.

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What can be done?

Body odor while pregnant is not something you can get rid of completely. However you can eliminate half of it by having and keeping up good personal hygiene. Also, it is suggested to try warm water with drops of fresh lemon while having a bath followed by warm water with a little bit of honey. The combination is bound to curb the odor during pregnancy and will have your skin feeling smooth. You could also boil some leaves of mint and add them for a refreshing bath.

What you eat also plays a major role to the body odor while pregnant. While you need to lay off garlic, onions and anything with Indian or Mexican spices in it, make sure you do not consume a lot of caffeine products as well since they are sources of bad smells.

Also, remember to wear loose clothes and use talcum powders which are anti bacterial and anti fungal.

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Odor during pregnancy is not that much of a pressing issue as you might think of. If it does bother you more than it should, kindly try the above mentioned and even then if you are not satisfied, a deodorant always comes handy. Although, make sure to run all this past your doctor as and when you do try so as to be on a safer side.