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Can you Eat Caesar Salad while Pregnant?

Caesar salad during pregnancy

Caesar Salad originated in Tijuana, Mexico, where the dressing was made using raw eggs. The traditional recipe comprised of a salad dressing prepared with garlic vinaigrette, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice in combination with one raw egg. This salad is really famous for its unique flavor.

Nowadays, Caesar salad contains several ingredients, such as- romaine lettuce, garlic vinaigrette, Parmesan cheese, croutons and egg. Conventionally, the Caesar dressing egg is either coddled or completely uncooked. Any form of raw or under cooked egg is supposed to have the bacteria Salmonella, which might prove harmful to the delicate stage of pregnancy. However, several restaurants and hotels at present make this dressing with cooked or pasteurized eggs, rendering them harmless for pregnant woman.

Can you Eat Caesar Salad while Pregnant?

Many doctors advise against the consumption of any type of raw eggs or uncooked meat during pregnancy. This also includes the ingestion of Caesar salad while pregnant. There are many women who are crazy fans of this distinct flavored salad, and I often see this query posted on forums- “Can pregnant women eat Caesar dressing? “. Well, to be honest, the under cooked eggs in the traditional Caesar dressing are a source of contamination by the bacteria Salmonella.

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These microscopic organisms affect both humans and animals. They are usually present in feces and are transmitted through contaminated feces. Infection by Salmonella results in the disease called ‘Salmonellosis”. Mild signs of this illness are flu like symptoms. However, more acute cases might result in extreme fever, vomiting, severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. At times, if left uncured, it might even be fatal, culminating in death.

Caesar salad during pregnancy might result in bacteria infestation and you will experience mild symptoms of diarrhea. The infection can be detected with the examination of your stool sample. Most of the time, salmonella will go by themselves and you will not need any professional treatment. In such cases, there is no visible threat to the fetus. However, at times, when this bacterium infects women who are more sensitive and delicate, the affects might be adverse. Severe foot poisoning symptoms, like vomiting and diarrhea can then lead to miscarriage or pre term labor. Extreme dehydration might require admission to the hospital or administering of extensive antibiotic doses.

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Alternatives To The Original Caesar Salad Recipe:

Nowadays, many alternative recipes are available that avoid the use of uncooked or coddled eggs in preparing the Caesar salad dressing. Several governments have forbidden raw eggs usage in food menus. Most of the present commercial restaurants and hotels make Caesar salad with pasteurized eggs; Pasteurization completely eliminates the presence of any Salmonella traces and thus makes the salad entirely safe for consumption during pregnancy. You can also go for your own homemade modified or egg less Caesar salad.

So, now that you are aware of the affects of consuming Caesar salads, here are few precautions you can take while including the same in your food plan. When you order a Caesar salad at a restaurant, ensure that they don’t use raw eggs. As an expecting mother, you should also avoid any food containing uncooked eggs, such as- mayonnaise, mousse and ice cream.Salmonella is also present in other ingredients, like: sprouts, fresh milk, fresh juices, uncooked chicken and meat, etc.

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To avoid salmonella contamination, wash your hands regularly and cook eggs or meat at high temperatures. Usually temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit are considered ideal. Ensure that you cook the sauces after heating them to this temperature specification. Adhering to these simple steps will ensure you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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