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Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers – Pros and Cons

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear of pregnancy is the food. We all know that a pregnant woman needs to intake a lot of calories so that her baby keeps healthy and fit. This process starts right from the first day of pregnancy but this does not end after the baby is born. The baby feeds on the mother for a long time after he is born, so it is the responsibility of the mother that she continues to eat all the beneficial nutrients so that her baby does not get deprived of a healthy diet.

Many women consult a dietician for a breastfeeding diet plan so that they intake all the healthy things. The diet for all the breastfeeding mothers should be heavy and nutritional enough to provide the baby with all the things he should be having.

Breast feeding Diet

Diet for Breastfeeding Mothers – Pros and Cons:

We have some do’s and don’t s which all the mothers should keep in mind so that their baby stays fit and healthy-


1. Iron, Protein, Calcium Rich Foods:

The baby at this time needs all the nutrients which can help him grow better and healthier. He cannot eat and hence is completely dependent on the mother for his diet and his health.

The mother should intake all the iron rich food items like cereals, wholegrain products, leafy green vegetables, dry fruits, peas etc.

For protein rich foods to eat eggs, dairy products, plant products etc. Products like meatloaf and chicken contain high amount of proteins and iron. If the mother is going to consume foods rich in proteins then it will help in the proper supply of nutrients from the mother to the baby by improving the flow and quality of mother’s breast milk.

For calcium rich foods, use products like dark green vegetables, juices, cereals, soy milk, frozen yogurt etc. They help in making the baby’s bones strong and durable and help in the proper formation and growth of the baby’s ligaments and tissues.

Iron, Protein, Calcium Rich Foods-Breastfeeding Diet

2. Consider Supplement:

If you will ever visit a doctor regarding your breastfeeding diet then he will provide you with supplements. Vitamin b-12 supplement – It is mostly found in animals so it is difficult to maintain a vegetarian diet. Your baby will need vitamin B to absorb calcium and phosphorus and it is very essential for the development of the baby’s brain.

3.Vitamin D Supplement:

If there is deficiency of vitamin D then it will lead to softening and weakening of bones of the baby. For vitamin D foods, you need to intake of cereals, cow milks and also prevent going into the sun too much. Too much exposure to heat may cause serious skin problems, which is not very good for the baby as well as the mother. It is always considered as a part of a healthy breastfeeding diet.

4. Fish:

All kinds of seafood are very beneficial and rich in proteins. Sea foods are also rich in mercury and high amount of mercury might pose a threat to the baby’s health. All the women with infants who still nurse on them should avoid sea food with high amount of mercury.

Also fish you eat should be coming from clear waters and should not from contaminated waters which can cause many health problems. Fish Recipes should always be included in your breastfeeding diet plan.

Fish-Breastfeeding Diet

All of these items are considered as the most important part of the diet for breastfeeding mothers.

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You should always have a healthy breastfeeding menu so that you are aware of all the things that suits your baby and the things that do not.

1. Alcohol:

Alcohol during pregnancy is a big no. No level of alcohol in a mother’s breast milk is safe or healthy for the baby. Elimination of alcohol from your body is a long process and it’s a lot of time. Till then it is still present in your body which can be very harmful for your baby. It can never be healthy for the baby as well as for the mother if any of them intakes alcohol. A healthy breastfeeding plan will never include even a little amount of alcohol.

2. Caffine:

Sad news for all the coffee lovers. Coffee contains caffeine, which you should avoid drinking too much, as it may have an adverse effect on your baby’s behavior. You should try not to drink more than two to three cups of caffeine per day as it may irritate your child a bit or the child might get sleep deprived.

Caffeine has never been a big part of a healthy breastfeeding diet menu. If you think that your caffeinated drink is having an effect on your child and he has started behaving unusual and agitated then it is better to limit that drink immediately or stop consuming it.

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3. No Dieting:

Dieting while breastfeeding not very good as it has many side effects that may harm your child as well as your baby. If you want to lose your pregnancy weight then you should try different exercises which do not have any adverse effect rather than dieting.

You will have to eat as much as the baby needs you to, because his health and the amount of nutrients transferred to his body completely depends upon you. So it is your responsibility to look after your diet completely and intake all the healthy food items and nutrients.

No Dieting-Breastfeeding Diet

There are many things in your diet which can affect the baby’s mood and his behavior. It is preferred for you to keep a food diary to determine your child’s mood and behavior. If by eating something you notice changes in your baby’s behavior and habits then you should stop eating that particular thing.

A food diary can help you memorize or know the things which your child is allergic to and the things which suit your child the most. If you focus on your healthy choices and diet then it will surely affect your baby in a good and positive way

No Dieting

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