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How to Relieve the Pain of Itchy Breast Nipples During Pregnancy

Pregnancy opens up to a range of problems and effects on your body. All of a sudden, your breasts tend to become big. You may notice they become heavy and the nipples turn sore. The nipples also start having hairs. Sometimes you also tend to get an itchy breast. But remember all of these are way too normal and the body is merely preparing the breast to start lactating. But you have to worry when all of these become downright uncomfortable and severe.

What Causes Itchy Breast During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you will begin to notice a range of changes in your body. Of all, itchy breasts could be your first symptom of pregnancy. Sore nipples, heaviness and itchiness on your breasts become common and these are the result of hormonal changes in the body. Partly, these are also caused by increased blood flow to the area. Due to this, your nipples turn out sore and also increasingly sensitised to the hormones. Thus, you tend to feel a tingling sensation when you touch them.

Most often, the itchy feeling will happen to you when you are in public, surging the need to scratch them and thus making you very uncomfortable in public. But remember, your breasts are growing and stretching, making it all prepared to breast feed your baby. So, accept that as a very normal phenomenon and you don’t have to stress or freak out.

Effects of Itchy Breast During Pregnancy:

But during the end of your pregnancy, the itch may become severe and your breasts become large too. The possible side effect of this is, as the skin stretches, itching can spread to other parts of your body too. Your belly and breasts are typically prone to itch because the skin stretches to expand the baby. Dry skin and hormonal changes also aggravate the problem sometimes. Eczema and other skin conditions also tend to get serious around this time.

While we understand the tingling sensation you have to put up with, here are some ways you have shoo away the problem little by little.

Homemade Natural Treatments for Itchy Breast During Pregnancy:

Try your best to keep your hands away from scratching. That indeed can be a challenge, but scratching further will irritate the skin and thus lead to other skin infections. In case the itch is because of dry and stretched skin, here are some ways to relieve your itchy nipple pain.

A. Ice Pack:

Make sure to try out an ice pack, by placing a towel with two or three cubes of ice in it. You can also use a cool towel and press the area gently for about 7-8 minutes or until the itch begins to fade. You can try this whenever you start to feel uncomfortable because of the itch. Ice pack or the wet towel analogy will ease out the tingling sensation by numbing the area. This could be great temporary relief in case you are looking out for a quick remedy.

B. Use a Lotion:

Consider using a moisturizer on your itchy breast. After your daily bath, dab a small amount of fragrance free lotion on the breast and massage well. Store the lotion in the fridge, so that you get a cool feeling when you apply them. The coolness will provide relief. Preferably use a lotion that has Vitamin E, cocoa butter and lanolin. A fragrant and alcohol free lotion should only be used; otherwise, your skin may dry out.

C. Comfy Clothes:

Opt for loose and comfortable clothes. Cotton is a preferred choice and can put you in ease and make you feel relaxed. Wear a loose bra or the one specifically meant for pregnancy.

D. Warm Shower:

Warm shower and bath is another way to keep the itch away. Use only luke warm water. Hot water has the potential to dry your skin. Mild and fragrance free soap could be your best choice and pat dry your breasts well.

When Should You See a Doctor?

While itchy breasts could be normal, here is when you need to take it seriously and bring to the notice of your doctor.

  • When you feel very itchy but yet don’t have a rash, know that you need to rush to the doctor.
  • If you sense that your skin condition is getting worse and nothing to ease out will work, it is at best to consult your doctor for further treatment.
  • When you see have developed a new rash during the pregnancy phase, consult your doctor.

Your doctor has the last say in the treatments you need to take. He/she will tell you how serious it is and why should talk to a dermatologist.

Well, we know there are many more uncomfortable phases you have been through and will go through still. But don’t stress yourself about this. Create a positive vibe around you. You are about to deliver a baby in a few months’ time. Honestly, your pain will diminish when you start looking ahead and enjoy the beautiful phase of your life.

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