Is Chewing Gum safe during Pregnancy?

It goes without saying that when you have a bun in your oven, you’re more vulnerable to all the diseases that you could normally ignore without a thought. Taking care of the life in you is a tedious task in itself, thus leaving you no thought to spare on what health threats your daily meals might pose. Your dental health could obviously be at risk if you keep on your usual routine of chewing gum. But exercising a minimal precaution could go ways in saving you the hassle of a dental clinic trip.

Is Chewing Gum safe during Pregnancy?

Chewing Gum During Pregnancy

Your health can directly affect your baby. Which is why, going to the kitchen, opening the fridge and eating everything you find in it might turn out to be a bad idea. Especially, when it involves your baby and his dental health. Recent studies have found scientists concluding that women who chew gum throughout their pregnancy might be at a higher risk of coming down with a gum disease as well as gestational diabetes. There are chances that your amniotic fluid might be flocked by gum-disease bacteria that go down with every gum you swallow by mistake, this risking a premature labor.

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Reasons To Chew Gum:

There is no rule book that states that chewing gum when pregnant is wrong, but moderation’s are certainly advisable. Sweeteners are often used as sugar substitutes. Avoid sweetened gums, but do have a fair share of gum (within a limit of 3 gums a day). Why?

  • Gums are a good substitute for keeping away pregnancy food cravings, thus helping you keep your weight in control.
  • Gums contain Stevia, which will efficiently work on your nausea. In turn, not only will you feel better, but also be more active. Nothing is worse than a gloomy pregnancy after all.

Reasons To Not Chew Gum:

As mentioned before, preferring the unsweetened gums will obviously help keep your dental troubles at bay. You can occasionally purchase flavored gums- mainly yogurt, banana and strawberry.

Do keep in mind that not all sweetened flavors are approved for use when you’re pregnant. Even though considered safe, these obviously have side effects.

  • When you take in Sorbitol, it makes you bloated, since it is absorbed by your gut. The whole motto is to give birth to a healthy baby and you’d want to leave enough room for your baby to grow and nurture, instead of allowing yourself to be puffed up.
  • Another added flavor sucralose is known for its diabetic side effects.

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  • Don’t get unmindful for even a second, since swallowing the gum you were chewing could be a bigger disaster in your stomach.
  • Most chewing gums have xylitol that should not be taken during pregnancy. When buying a gum, make sure you read the label and get the ingredients correct.
  • Stop chewing gum entirely a month before your due date. This will help keep your baby risk-free.
  • Floss regularly after chewing gum.

Thus to conclude, it is entirely okay for you to go and binge on the unsweetened gums that you might find at dental stores. However, make sure the preservatives and flavours added are compatible with your condition. Consulting a professional doctor would be the right thing to too. You don’t want to make thing worse by chewing a gum of course. So, when nausea pangs bother you, step out, buy a gum and chew on.

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