Joint Pains During Pregnancy- How to Avoid?

What are Causes of Joint Pains During Pregnancy?

During the period of pregnancy, women go through several physical changes and few of them experience certain health issues, one such issue is the joint pain while pregnant, which can occur at any area of the body.

Joint pains are normally observed in aged people due to the weakening of the bones or accumulation of fluid but this is not the case in pregnant ladies. Joint pains while pregnant occur due to the extreme pressure exerted by the fetus on your body over the period of your pregnancy.

You may also experience joint pains due to the lack of proper nutrition because during pregnancy a large portion of the nutrients consumed are utilized for the up keeping of the baby. Therefore, it is very important that pregnant women consume healthy and nutritious food for the well being of herself as well as the baby. Some other causes of joint pain while pregnant are:

Joint Pain During Pregnancy

  • Hormones. Hormones released during pregnancy can strain the joints.
  • Weight. Putting on extra weight during pregnancy can strain the joints.
  • Hypothyroidism. This could be one of reason for joint pains during pregnancy and low thyroid levels can even cause pregnancy complications. Doctors generally test your thyroid at your first prenatal visit.
  • History of Arthritis. If you are suffering from arthritis or an auto-immune condition, you might experience joint pain while pregnant.
  • Extra Fluids. Excess fluids are the most common cause for small join pains in the body. Knee Pain is also caused by extra fluids which gets worse due to extra weight gained.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you experience pain in your wrists and hands it could be the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.

Types Of Joints Pains During Pregnancy:

Let’s the different type of joints pains have face women while pregnant.

Finger Joint Pain During Pregnancy:

Water gain, in addition to the weight gain, increases stiffness in the feet, hips, knees, and ankles. It leads to increased pressure at the wrist, and hands and fingers triggering immense pain, leading to finger joint pain during pregnancy. You may even experience tingling in the fingers or numbness in your hands and feet caused by fluid gain. Women experiencing finger joint pain during pregnancy have to consult your doctor to identify and cure any underlying issues; also you make it a point to notify them about any sudden swelling or water weight gain in your hands or face or particularly in the legs.

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Pregnancy:

Sacroiliac joint pain is also caused during pregnancy, sacroiliac joints are the joints located at the lower back at the 2 dimples.

The sacroiliac pain during pregnancy can occur on one or both sides of your back and is often a deep pain. Few pregnant women experience immense pain radiating down to the hip which extends down the back of the thigh. Sacroiliac pain can start during any trimester but it usually begins during the second trimester and it increases becomes more intense by the end of the third trimester.

Sacroiliac pain usually resolves within 3 months post childbirth except in few cases where it can become chronic and disabling. Most women also experience hip joint pain pregnancy in their second or third trimester. It is usually caused due to loosening of the ligaments holding together the sacroiliac joints, which connect your spine to your pelvis.

Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy:

Discomfort or pain in the pelvic region is also pretty common during pregnancy. It is a common phenomenon as the ligaments in pelvic region are stretching while the hormone levels are changing and the organs around are shifting to create space for your growing uterus.

Hip Joint Pain During Pregnancy:

Hip joint pain pregnancy is also experienced because; usually by the end of the third trimester the hormone named relax in causes the pelvis to loosen, particularly at the pubic bone. This happens because the body prepares itself for the birth of the baby. However, in rare cases this process becomes exaggerated and women experience extreme pain by the end of pregnancy or in the early post-partum period.

How To Avoid Joint Pains During Pregnancy:

There are several multivitamins and health products that are available both online and offline that help in providing appropriate nutrients to your body as well as help you to deal with joint pains. These products help you to avoid and even to reduce joint pains to a great extent, but it is always better to consult a professional and do a little research on the matter so that you can ascertain the company’s goodwill in the market before using its products.

The best way to deal with joint pains is by starting to eat healthier food during the first trimester itself. By starting to eat healthy from the first trimester itself you are allowing your body to get the necessary nutrition it needs to move and stay strong during your entire second trimester as well as the third trimester period. Though it requires much more time and attention to go about things this way, it is much safer and more rewarding and helps to keep your health in check.

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There is number of ways that help you to deal with joint pain successfully at home. Some of these ways are listed below-


To Avoid Joint Pain While Pregnant - Milk

Drinking plenty of milk during the period of pregnancy gives your body the calcium it needs to keep your bones strong. You can also eat carrots and apples which help to do the same with their calcium levels. Drinking milk helps to stabilize calcium levels in your body allowing you to keep your bones strong and healthy in turn reducing the chances of joint pain. Incorporate this habit early on during your pregnancy for the best results making it an easy remedy for joint pain while pregnant.


To Avoid Joint Pain During Pregnancy - Greens

Eating plenty of greens is not only a healthier way of going about things but it also helps you to get the nutrition you need in order to keep all your bodily functions going stronger than ever. Try and tuck into a large salad from time to time or incorporate it into your daily diet for the best results making a joint pain in pregnancy a trivial matter.


To Avoid Joint Pain During Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a great way to keep joint pains at bay. It has been certified as pregnancy safe so it is easy to do at the luxury of your home. Taking the help and opinion of a professional is advised before starting any kind of physical exercises.

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Joint pain is a very natural part of pregnancy but it can be easily dealt with the right tools that can be found and utilized easily at home. With the right tools, you can enjoy a joint pain-free pregnancy period filled with happiness. Henceforth, when somebody asks you about joint pains during pregnancy you know what to advice.