Top 12 Toys for 11 Months Old Baby

11 months old means that your baby as only 1month left to be 1 year old. That calls for a celebration and the only way you should be celebrating is by providing your child with the right toys that will help her grow and develop at this vital stage of life. She has been through a lot of good and new things. Hopefully, she has learned a lot but there still is a lot left to learn. Babies grow and learn at an amazing pace at this stage. Your baby is constantly in need of appreciation and approval from you while they play. Most babies are able to stand and cruise on their own, while some are already running around. By now, they know small toys fit into the big ones.

This article will provide you with the names a little bit of description about some of the best toys from the most poplar toy manufacturing brands in the market at this moment, which will help you to provide your child with nothing but the best. In this article, we list down some of the best toys for 11 month old baby boys and girls.

The top 12 Toys for The 11 Months Old Baby are as Follows.

1. The Gotd Physics Science Accessory Desk Toy Newton’s Cradle Steel Balance Ball:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 1

This is one of the most fascinating toys ever that the kids crave on. It is one of the best baby toys for the 11 months old. It will provide the child with the complete freedom to learn a little with of science from his/ her personal experience. This is a great educational toy and your little one can learn the concept of physics early on. Your baby will love to watch the balls swing from one end to the other.

2. Arshiner Wooden Educational Deluxe Standing Puzzle Magnetic Boards Toys with Magnetic Shapes:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 2

Another scientific toy is the Arshiner Wooden Educational kit, which is considered as one of the best premium 11 month old baby toys. This particular toy is so amazing that anyone will probably fall in love with it. The parents and the supervisors won’t face any kind of emotional hesitation in providing their loved child or nephew or niece with this beautiful and effective toy, which will further assist their mental growth.

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3. Charm Company Dewey Dinosaur Rocker:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 3

The company doesn’t manufacture this toy anymore. However, you can still get it from a number of online kids toy selling sites. This little dinosaur has a seat and your little one would love to rock back and forth. The seat is well cushioned for comfort and the tall back will keep the child secure in his seat. Babies love dinosaurs, go ahead and let your little one ride on.

4.  Arshiner Baby Animal Musical Touch Keyboard Singing Carpet Mat:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 4

This is no ordinary carpet for the babies. It is called the singing carpet which comes with authentic designs and some of the best textures ever. It is pretty amazing and can provide a child with some of the best memories he or she can ever have. The child will be fascinated by how this thing actually works. It is one of the funniest toys for the 11 months old baby.

5. The Battat Pound-A-Ball:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 5

Here is something entertaining for the 11 months old child. The color and design of this particular toy is really attractive and will be a treat for the child’s eyes. The squeaky hammer and tiny balls are made perfectly for the tiny hands. Babies love to hammer the balls and watch them go through the maze. This toy is here to stay as children who are slightly older also love to play with it.

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6. The Battat Farm Bath Buddies:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 6

Battat is one of those toy manufacturing companies which provides the buyers with nothing but the best. The bath buddies set from Battat is quite amazing. It comes with a number of stuffed waterproof animals which will accompany the baby during bath time.

7. Arshiner Wooden Toys Alphabet Stand Up Puzzles:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 7

This wooden toy learning set will be something educational for the kids. The 11 months old child will surely fall in love with this interactive puzzle. The puzzle helps with recognition and helps develop language skills. Babies will begin to identify the letters of the alphabet early on. This is an ideal developmental toy for learning and fun and prepare your baby for school.

8. Arshiner Learning Development Educational Wooden Geometric Shapes:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 8

This geometric shapes kit is another learning toy for the baby which will assist in mental development. This particular toy educates the 11 months old about the different geometric shapes and sizes which will help him to perform better in the following years.

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9. Here Fashion 11pcs Lovely Mixed Animals Soft Rubber Float Squeeze Sound Squeaky Bathing Play
toy for The 11 Months Old:

Toys for 11 Months Old Baby 9

Here is another bathing set which is one of the best baby toys for the 11 months old. This particular toy set will provide the child with some of the best bath time memories. Your baby can learn about the various modes of transport and these toys float in the tub. They make sounds when squeezed and make bath time fun for babies.

10. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Smart Phone:

A smart phone for your smart little 11 month old. This is an ideal phone for your baby, any button that the baby presses on the screen will play about 20 tunes. There are phrases like numbers, greetings and counting that your baby will pick up. The light also dances according to the music. The slider is also another feature that your baby might be keen on.

11. Aimeio Bead Maze of Ducklings–Wooden Educational Toy Pull Along Toy:

Wooden toys appeal to the five senses. This is made of natural wood and has smooth rounded edges so it is very safe for your baby. Babies learn about colours, sizes and this enables them to walk around, Babies improve their dexterity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this toy. Pave way for creativity.

12. Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker:

Keep your little ones entertained with this vibrant and colourful walker. The walker projects lights, and it also aids in getting your little ones to walk. There are buttons to push, balls to roll and gears to turn. It also plays cute songs, prompts colours and numbers when the buttons are pushed. It also has a big disco ball that lights up. The activity table is complete with the moving parts enabling your baby’s motor skills.

Apart from activity toys for your 11 month old, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little ones.

1. Head and shoulders, knees and toes:

This is a great way to introduce body parts to your 11 month old. Babies now tend to remember what is being taught. You could place your baby in front of you and start the song with the actions.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes (2)
And eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
Just point out to your head, shoulders, knees and toes as you sing. You can also modify the tempo to make it a little more fun.

2. Selfie time and the blah blah!

In this age of mobile phones, this is a simple activity for your try out with your baby.
Sit with your baby and turn the camera on, on your mobile phone.
Talk to your baby using different expressions and notice how your baby also responds. You can pause and let your baby babble too.
To add the fun element, you can play back the recording for your baby.

Advancement of an infant is especially quick in the initial couple of long stretches of postnatal life. Basically, an infant of 11 months is to a greater extent a little child both rationally and physically. As per social insurance experts, at this young age, the child can plainly comprehend and ask for and related signs with specific activities and words. It is very prescribed to guardians that they take a purposeful and proactive part in enhancing youngster’s advancement abilities by drawing in him/her for the sake of entertainment exercises for 11-month-old.

Toys have an effective role in the development of baby. That is why the different manufactures manufacture some of the best toys for the children who can make effective use of these toys and boost their development.