Star Fruit During Pregnancy And All That You Need To Know!

All women often dream about pregnancy and how it changes their life. Who does not dream of bearing a child and enjoying the new phase? However, this phase requires patience, perseverance and time to go through. One needs to concentrate on maintaining a healthy body, along with focusing on the growth of the fetus. Amidst all these, it is usual to have cravings often for the mother. One of such common question we get regarding cravings is if star fruit during pregnancy is good?! Let us know more about what is star fruit if it is good during pregnancy time, along with the benefits and effects of its intake during this phase.

star fruit during pregnancyWhat is Star Fruit?

Being one of the common cravings among several pregnant women, it is a waxy yellow fruit which looks just like a star when you slice it. It is mostly grown in the country of Sri Lanka. It is otherwise called as Carambola. With sweet and sour taste within, several women feel about eating star fruit for pregnancy.

Nutritional values of star fruit during pregnancy:

The star fruit has several nutritional benefits hidden within. The advantage is in the fact that it has properly balanced values among all necessary nutrients. Further, the star fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin required in the human body. It has around 34mg of Vitamin C for 100 grams. Further, the fruit also has the right amount of Fiber, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Proteins, which makes it a plus.

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Is eating star fruit good for pregnancy?

Several women face this dilemma if star fruit good for pregnancy and is star fruit safe during pregnancy. The fruit generally has an acidic taste which is more like plums, lemon or pineapple. This property is what makes pregnant women consume this fruit due to sweet and sour taste. The fruit is often consumed due to the medicinal properties it also has within. When we ask ourselves is star fruit good for pregnancy, let us also keep in mind that it has a natural cure for several diseases. The fruit has several nutritional values which make it plus point. However, one should keep in mind those who have kidney issues, and associated illness should stay away from this fruit.

Benefits of Star Fruit During Pregnancy:

Several pregnant women face a question on star fruits benefits during pregnancy. The common question we face is also along the lines of if and can pregnant women eat star fruit. Let us know further details about star fruit, shall we?

1. Nutrients:

Star fruit contains high amounts of nutrients. These nutrients lead to a natural and healthy pregnancy period. Due to this very reason, eating star fruit during pregnancy is highly recommended.

2. The most often asked question by expectant mothers is: Can pregnant women eat star fruit? The answer is YES.

3. Carbohydrates:

Star fruit contains carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoid compounds, organic acids, minerals, and nutrients, to name a few, all of which are extremely important for the healthy growth of the baby.

4. Mouth infections, influenza, and viral infections can be cured by drinking the fresh star fruit juice. The folic acid and minerals present in the fruit help in maintaining stamina and energy during pregnancy.

5. Star fruit, as said in one of the native tales is a God sent the gift for the women as it regulates the hormones and also relieves you from stress-induced during Pms or pregnancy. What’s more, eating star fruit during pregnancy also helps with cramps! What more could you ask for?

6. It also helps in keeping the immunity strong as it contains a high amount of antioxidants which help in fighting off diseases and infections. Vitamin C present in Star fruit helps regulate the cells and prevent free radical damage.

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7. Rich In Vitamin A:

Star fruit contains Vitamin A in plenty; it is the vitamin which is needed for a good vision. Thus, deficiency of Vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, causing defects in the baby as well as the mother in the long term are continuously fended off.

8. Not only does the star fruit help prevent acute illnesses, but the significant nutrients in it along with some proteins help in stopping the cancerous cells from developing. Eating star fruit during pregnancy will help the baby, and the mother stays away from cancer.

9. Star fruit is nutritious in the right way and helps keep the digestion smooth and healthy. When the baby grows, the uterine wall stretches pressurizing the stomach and intestines to compromise the space, making it difficult for smooth flow of digestive functions.

10. Along with digestion, star fruit strikes off the possibilities of urinary problems. The pregnant woman often have to deal with urinary problems; star fruit helps in decreasing the severity of this problem. Adding honey to star fruit juice makes it even more pleasing as an anti-diuretic.

11. It Contains Potassium:

Star fruit contains high potassium content, which helps maintain the blood pressure level. Heart attacks and high blood pressure might invite sudden death. Star fruit juice scratches off these options of hypertension. This gives another reason to say yes to this delicious fruit.

12. Star fruit juice if drunk and included in the diet of a pregnant woman daily would also help in balancing the cholesterol and other fatty problems like flatulence.

Cravings of pregnancy are common and not taken seriously at most times. But star fruit is one of the most obliging cravings if we take it that way as it has next to no side effects and harms compared to the positive outcomes.

Effects of Star Fruit during pregnancy:

As we have seen above, the benefits of this fruit during this phase, one can be assured that there are several healthy points to be considered while intake of this fruit. It has a rich source of vitamins, carbohydrates, fibre,and protein, which are all completely essential as daily intake in your pregnancy diet. They help you stay fit and active, along with reducing our cravings. Further one should keep note that those who have kidney issues and disease should stay out of it due to harmful toxin it can release.

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How to include star fruit during pregnancy diet?

If you don’t know how to prepare it, it is common to be reluctant about how to include this fruit in our diet. Here are some helpful points for you.

  • Make sure do not have it raw, the fruit should be ripe. It should be yellow in colour majorly
  • Wash it with water and cut the ends away
  • Slide it, remove the seeds and take it.
  • Further, you can choose to add this fruit in your diet. You can do this through including this in salads, or fresh dishes.
  • You can also garnish with other dishes or add in puddings
  • One can also cook the fruit with seafood
  • Another common way is to make star fruit juice for drinking.

Star fruit also is a delicacy and can be eaten in various different ways, as a dessert or juice. Sour and sweet being the best-known combination for the palate of an expecting mother. So, the next time a pregnant woman asks you: Is star fruit good for pregnant women? Don’t even think twice about it. You can have this fruit confidently and seek relief from your daily cravings.

star fruit during pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. When are pregnant women not supposed to eat star fruit?

Ans: Until and unless the doctor recommends you especially do not include in your diet, you can go ahead and have this fruit. Make sure you always discuss your and routine with your doctor, be it with star fruit or any other food. Further, those with kidney and related issues are recommended not to have star fruit. This is because it may affect the brain and cause disorders. Few cases also have been observed where star fruit may not be good during gas issues. However, you need to recheck your case with your gynaecologist.

Q2. How to choose star fruit during pregnancy time?

Ans: Never have any food or fruit in the raw period. It is not good and recommended. Similarly, do not have star fruit when raw. Make sure the fruit is yellow in colour with light green around for being in perfect condition.

Q3. How many star fruits can I regularly have?

Ans: This depends on the size. But generally, it is good to have a variety of nutritious food intakes rather than just have one fruit or dish. In a similar way, always it is good to have one or two-star fruits per day than have a lot today and not have the fruit for the next few days. Balance is always good and recommended.