Top 11 Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy that you can try

Pregnancy can leave you tired and looking for some rest and relaxation but that does not mean that at any time during the nine months of your pregnancy you must leave your body to just do whatever it wants. One of the most important things during pregnancy is keeping you fit by doing a variety of extracurricular activities such as yoga, walking and even kegel exercises. In order to deal with many abdominal issues during your pregnancy period kegel exercises come in as a savior. Kegel exercises can be done within the four walls of your home and without the need of any professional help. You might need a little help in the beginning with the instructions but the rest of the process is quite easy and straightforward. Kegel exercises have been recommended by skilled physicians from all around the world for pregnant women to help them better deal with muscle cramps and abdominal cramps which is a natural yet irritating part of any pregnancy period.

Kegel exercise instructions along with a multiple exercise guide is available and provided by multiple of companies online for your discretion along with guidance videos and so on. You may also get physical teachers to show you what to do and at the end of the day it is completely up to you how you want to go about learning how exactly to carry out adequate kegel exercise for the best results. It is actually one of the most inexpensive ways by which you can actually take care of your own body by reducing cramps and giving your baby a healthier environment to develop in, in an adequate manner.

But why take the pain? Why should you do kegel exercises while pregnant?

The primary reason why should do them is for the betterment of your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, urethra and the rectum. It is important to strengthen your pelvic muscles to treat any urinary stress incontinence. This is a problem that many pregnant women face.

What are the Kegel Exercises for Pregnancy?

We’ll tell you about them and how to get them right without much trouble.

1. Tailor Sit:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Tailor Sit

Tailor sit is probably one of the easiest kegel exercises for you to do when you are pregnant. Here is how to do it easily.

  • Sit down on the floor and cross your legs putting pressure on your abdomen.
  • Make sure your soles are touching each other.
  • Remain in the position for as long as you feel comfortable.

This not only helps to relax your muscles but also helps you to proper deal with muscle cramps making kegel exercises during pregnancy a very valid option.

2. Tailor Press:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Tailor press

The tailor press requires you to put pressure on your abdomen by sitting on the floor and breathing in deeply. Follow this exercise in a regular fashion for the best results. Everything depends on your breathing so try and be as relaxed as possible when carrying out this exercise making kegel exercises for pregnant women a very healthy affair. Follow the steps below to get it done easily.

  • Sit with your back straight in the floor in the butterfly position.
  • Press both your knees together using your elbows very gently. You will experience a stretch in the inner thigh.
  • Make sure not to put your knees up and down.

In case you find it difficult to follow at first, you can use the wall support. Remain in position for about 15 seconds and do it for 10 times daily

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3. Pelvic Floor Exercises:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Pelvic floor exercises

This exercise makes you put more pressure on your pelvic area making way for stronger muscles when carried out every day. This helps you to deal with the later stages of your pregnancy when a lot of pressure will be put on your pelvic area due to your growing baby. It is a very comfortable exercise to do when you know what you’re doing though it is always better to be safe when pregnant.

  • Choose to sit or stand in a comfortable position.
  • Slowly squeeze your pelvic muscles and bring them up.
  • Hold the position for about 10 seconds and now relax.

Repeat the exercise for about 10 times to see results. While you do the squeeze, remember to do it a bit hard so that you feel a slight shake or tremble in your vagina. However, make sure you do not feel anything above your belly button.

4. Squeeze With Finger:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy -Squeeze with finger

Though this sounds like an unhelpful exercise it has actually proven to be very helpful when it comes to helping you. It is actually a very effective Kegel exercise that can be done at any time of the day.

  • Touch your abdomen with one finger making your muscle clench and tighten while breathing in slowly yet periodically.
  • When touched you will notice that your abdomen clenches tightly, do this a couple of times for the best results when it comes to removing muscle cramps.

5. Breathing:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Breathing

Breathing has always been a very important addition to treating your over bearing muscle issues when it comes to pregnancy and it goes well with Kegel exercises because during your pregnancy period your abdominal area is quite sensitive therefore it is always better to be ready for your Kegel exercise no matter the intensity with some elaborate breathing exercises first giving you the stamina you need to carry out any form of exercise making them safe during pregnancy.

The essential tip is do not hold your breath when you perform them. Breathe out. Your focus should only be on the pelvic muscles.

6. Pelvic Stretches:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Pelvic stretches

When clamped up with muscle cramps it is always better to do stretching exercises to help ease the tension in your abdominal area. Easing tension with pelvic stretches is the best way to treat your entire abdominal region effectively. It also helps to give you the relaxation and energy you need to carry out your entire pregnancy period if repeated regularly making kegels during pregnancy very safe and healthy.

  • Lie down flat on your back.
  • Bring your left knee over your body, towards your right hand. The right hand should aid in holding it down.
  • Hold the stretch in the position for 30 seconds and take a good deep breath into the belly.

Do this regularly for best results.

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7. Pelvic Tilt or Angry Cat:

Very similar to a yoga pose the angry cat has become a very famous Kegel exercise over the years due to its very effective properties when it comes to helping pregnant women ease the tension in the abdominal area for long periods of time. It requires you to tilt your pelvic bone slowly while breathing in and out periodically so that you assume the pose of an angry cat per say thus the name.

  • Lie on the floor, flat on your back.
  • Tighten your back by flattening against the floor and by stiffening your abdominal muscles.
  • Gently bend your pelvis up.
  • Stay in the position for about 10 seconds.

8. Squat:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Squat

During the later stages of your pregnancy in order to help in giving yourself a proper delivery you can try squats which are a very simple Kegel exercise. Squats help to tighten then relax the muscles in your abdomen so that it gets ready for a normal delivery with reduced pain.
Do this another simple Kegals while pregnant.

  • Stand erect. While you stand straight, make sure your feet are apart, more than the two-shoulder width.
  • Maintain your knees in line with your thighs and your toes should point outward.
  • Go down to the squat position, only as much as comfortable you feel.
  • Now, slowly return to the normal position and squeeze your glutes up when you return.
  • Repeat 15-20 times a day.

9. Cobbler Pose:

Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy - Cobbler pose

Very similar to the tailors pose the only difference is that this pose requires you to inwardly fold your legs for a more adjustable way of dealing with abdominal cramps during your pregnancy period. You can pick this pose or the tailors pose or both for the best results. Here is how to do it.

  • Sit straight against the wall. Make sure your soles are touching each other.
  • Now, gently press your knees down and make sure they are away from each other.
  • Remain in the position for as long as you feel comfortable.

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10. Kegel Ball Exercise:

It helps in lifting the pelvis from the floor. Try to do this in combination with other floor lifts. This will ensure the muscles are worked out from all angles. Here is how to do it easily using a ball or towel.

  • Stand with a wall support and place your hands on the wall at an arms’ distance from you.
  • Bring your feet close and let them touch each other. Now, place a ball or a towel between your thighs.
  • Bend your knees a little to lift the heels from the ground or floor. Stay in the position and gently press the ball with your thighs or squeeze the towel to different forms and angles. Do this for about 25 times.
  • To finish, bring the hips back down to your heels.

11. Kegel Exercise in the 9th Month:

Ball exercise and squats are absolutely safe to practice in your 9th month. Take a look at how you can get them right.

  • When you urinate, make sure to contract and release the muscle that helps to stop the flow of urine, which is your pelvic muscle.

Do this for about 10 to 15 times to prepare the pelvic muscles for the delivery ahead.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises when Pregnant:

Here are some really effective and beneficial things that happen to your body when you practice Kegel regularly when pregnant.

  1. Easy labor: The major advantage is an easy labor and birth. Doing Kegels while pregnant will ensure you have less pain during delivery. The whole birth process is about the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles. Since Kegel is all about strengthening the pelvic muscles, doing them regularly will be an advantage.
  2. Back in shape: Kegel exercises also helps in getting you back to shape post pregnancy. It will tone your vaginal muscles and ensure a faster route to get back to your earlier shape.
  3. Bladder control: The most common issue faced by pregnant women is the urge to urinate very often. What happens is your uterus expands during pregnancy exerts pressure on the bladder. This however is a healthy sign that all is well with the progress. What could potentially damage are the nerves that surround the bladder. When you do some Kegels during pregnancy, you ensure you get some control over your urination. When you exercise these pelvic muscles, the functioning of rectal sphincter and urethra improves.
  4. Healing touch: So, we know the extent to which you and your muscles can be tired after the child birth. Shouldn’t you now give back the strength? With Kegel pregnancy exercises, giving back strength gets easier. They help increase blood circulation and also heal the perineal muscles.

But what should you watch out for? Here are some precautions you need to note.

  • Do not over work Kegel exercises. Your muscles tend to get too tired and will fail to serve their function well.
  • In case you experience any pain in your abdomen or back, it is a strong indication that you doing it right. Stop right there and take some supervision before you can start over.
  • Discomfort when doing Kegel exercise should be taken seriously. Stop practicing them and consult your doctor before you get back doing them.

Kegel exercises are a welcome fitness regime that you must carry out during your pregnancy period to keep your abdominal area fit and functional at all times. It not only helps you to ease out on cramps but also gives you the means by which you can lead a healthy life. It also prepares the pelvic muscles for an easy delivery, Get them started right away for a better delivery experience.

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