Top 15 Antenatal Exercises

On a usual day, a woman steps into the realm of motherhood only with a vague idea of what is to be followed right after this. The first step is always a mash up of feelings, excitement and fear gelled in together to form a feeling only an expecting woman would have the right to feel. The feeling of pregnancy, of being pregnant, of harboring the energy and potential within her to muster up her courage to bring a brand new life to earth for experienced mothers what may seem like an easy going déjà vu routine, for new comers in this group, it might be quite some hard time and sweet memories filled with bitter feelings of love and sweet feelings of hate. Often mothers complain about their nine month hardships.

On the starting of the day, they complain about the sleepless nights and the morning runs to the bathroom. The emotions playing an upper hand in this case cause no ease to the situation. The feeling of satisfaction settles in as amongst this pandemonium a little kick from the inside is felt. Suddenly the monster appetite and the depression do not even bother her anymore. At the end of the day when she has completed her nine months and ready to show her little one the outside world, she would leave behind all her angst against the difficult times passed behind and would look forward to a glittering angel in her arms. Such is the miracle of pregnancy.

However, before pregnancy can be termed a beautiful term, a mother has certain rules and restrictions to abide by. What starts with a strict chart is soon followed by the mid-wife’s request to do the following things necessary before child birth. One such thing is the exercises one needs to get accustomed to once she is termed prenatal. Here are some of the examples for the antenatal exercises every expecting mother should be practicing by now.

Morning Run:

antenatal exercises

Remember the time when you were trying for a sleek belly, so you would wake up at the crack of dawn and put on your music and tracks to run through the park or lake side before work or college. This is the same thing only with a little care. When the morning runs to the bathroom stops, pick up your sneakers and tracks and go out for a good jog with your baby. As the cold wind breathes by keep your feet and body fit. With the baby gaining weight, if jogging is taking up your energy and you’re feeling discomfort, keep the morning scheduled walks. Any sort of walk or jog at such time will help you keep your heart and joints oiled and rust free. It is also noted as a change of mood and mind for mothers.


pregnant yoga

Now when we speak about yoga during the prenatal term, we usually mean the stretching and the meditation for inner peace and stability amongst the haphazard hormones. This does not include the complex twists and turns and upside down regimes. This simply means stretching of the limbs, a slight twist for your waists and a meditating time for your hormonal balance.

Back Row:

For this exercise you might need a stable support which can be a friend or your exercise trainer and a resistance band thick and easy to be held. Using the resistance band draped across the support make sure your grip on the band is strong. Push your leg back, behind you and make a firm grip on the floor. Now squeeze in your behind. Simultaneously bring your elbows behind with the help of the stretching band and you will feel your chest go forward. This is to make sure your body muscles, especially the shoulder ones are flexible and free.

Hamstring Stretch:

Hamstring stretch

Using the same resistance band sit on the mat or cushion with your lower limbs outstretched. Put the band around your toe. You can use either one leg at a time or both together and then with the help of the band slowly start pulling your toes towards your shin bones. This is a great exercise for calf stiffening problems and will also help you carry the baby weight around.

Thigh Stretch:

Thigh stretch

Using a cushion kneel down on one knee with the other one bent in front of you. Use one free hand to hold your stomach near the abdomen and the other on the small of your back. Lifting your hands up and backwards slowly bend down the front knee to a 90 degree angle. A firm stretch is felt. Alternate and Repeat;

Pelvic Lift:

Antenatal Exercises5

Lie down on your back on the mat and using your lower body and pelvic strength thrust up your hips into the air. The feet and the upper body from your mid stomach should still be glued to the ground. Only use the lower body strength and hold the position for a while. This will be greatly beneficial during birth time.

Breathing Exercise:

Sit cross legged on the floor with the spine straight and perform the usual nasal and oral breathing techniques and exercise. with the baby growing and pushing your chest cavity up, the breathlessness and shortage of air will be taken care by this.

Half Squats:

Start by keeping your feet apart at a width’s length and doing a half squat only to rise back up and onto your heels. Go back to the first position and repeat. This is also a great birthing exercise where the leg muscles are also put to work.

Leg Raise:

Leg raise

For this exercise lie down on your mat and turn to your side. The limb on the top now can be lifted up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Keep the upper leg raised in the air straight and then use the up-down method for flexibility. Keep changing sides and repeating.

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Swimming is also a good exercise during pregnancy women out there. Use back strokes mainly if possible. Be careful of not doing rash or fats swimming.

Abdomen Exercise:

Abdomen exercise

For this you need to rest on your knee and palms so that you’re down on all your fours resembling a four legged animal. Now using your abdomen muscles breathe in and out.

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Stay on your feet with the spine straight. Now with your arms open reach for the other side one at a time. Don’t bend to the other side too much. A simple twist in the waist region will immediately make your marrow and pelvic bone feel stretched and relieved.

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