Home Abortion: 13 Natural Remedies for Miscarriage (Foods & Exercises)

Home remedies to abort early pregnancy

Found out that you are pregnant? Instead of being happy, are you feeling disappointed and nervous? You are not alone! Many women go through the same emotions when they are under-prepared for a baby, either physically or psychologically. Whether it is for a lucrative career or ill health or any other reason, abortion can give you a way out of unwanted pregnancy.

If you are willing to take that route, then this article serves as an extensive guide to help you better prepare for it. You may opt between the two types of Abortion methods – medical and surgical procedures, self-abortion using home remedies. Let us learn in-depth about natural remedies for abortion potential benefits, risks, and side effects. and also, get an understanding of home remedies for abortion post-recovery tips and signs.

Home Remedies for Abortion

Abortion at Home: 12 Best Home Remedies to Cause Miscarriage Naturally-

If you are interested in learning about what are the natural abortion methods to perform at home, we have put together 10 risk-free home remedies to cause abortion during 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Here are the details:

Are Home Remedies Effective in Abortion?

Non-surgical methods are natural ways of abortion when there is limited access to hospitals or health care units. Most of the home remedies to abort pregnancy are not backed with any scientific evidence and are merely based on personal experiences of certain individuals. These remedies use herbs and natural ingredients which have the efficacy to trigger an abortion. However, their safety and effectiveness remain largely under debate, as some of the herbal methods have life-threatening risks.

Here are the potential hazards of using home remedies for abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding caused due to incomplete or missed abortion.
  • Infections, if any external tools are inserted
  • Toxicity due to overdosage of herbal concoctions
  • Contamination of ingredients

In short, natural abortion methods are not free from dangers. It is therefore recommended to seek the doctor’s advice unless you do not have medical facilities at the place where you live.

Do Doctors Support Home Abortions?

We have studied real conversations between certified doctors and their patients to determine if the medical institutions really support home remedies for abortion. Here is what we could infer:

-> Women with a pregnancy of 8 weeks asked a few gynecologists if they can follow any safe home remedy to abort the fetus. They are worried about approaching a clinic due to societal pressures and fear of disclosure. This is the common response from most of the doctors:

Abortions using home remedies are not only ineffective but also dangerous. Lack of proper knowledge can threaten a woman’s health and lead to unwanted complications. Medical abortions are safe, legal and result-oriented.

-> Some other women approached a few doctors with questions on the efficacy of raw papaya and cinnamon for pregnancy. They believe that these methods are natural and so, have minimal risks. But, doctors say otherwise!

Remedies like Papaya and Cinnamon are highly prone to failure and work only in 1-2 cases. The only way to ensure a successful pregnancy is to approach a doctor and seek their advice on the abortion process.

-> A few patients tested positive for pregnancy using a home pregnancy kit. They asked the doctors if this test is enough to proceed for an abortion? If yes, what is the right way to do it?

Home Pregnancy Kit uses your urine sample to confirm a pregnancy. However, they often give misleading results like false-negative or false-positive. This means, the women may be pregnant, but the results show otherwise or vice versa. To be on the safer side, you must get an ultrasound scan done at a doctor’s clinic to know your pregnancy status and age. Based on this, suitable procedures will be suggested by the doctor.

Home remedies to cause miscarriage

Here you know the natural home abortion ways to terminate unwanted pregnancy at early weeks and months:

1. Papaya:

Abortion Fruit

Papaya is one of the most widely used home remedies for unwanted pregnancy. While both ripe and raw papaya is consumed for abortion, it is the raw one that is more potent. The unripe fruit contains a white fluid called Latex which contains high amounts of prostaglandin and oxytocin. These agents have shown abortion-inducing properties, which reduce when the fruit gets ripened. No wonder why pregnant women are advised to stay away from it until childbirth.

2. Pineapple:

Abortion Juice

Pineapple is one of the good home remedies for abortion. As per studies, Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain, which is known to soften the cervix for expelling the fetus out. This may work only in the early stage of pregnancy. Also, there is no proper evidence on the efficacy of pineapple fruit or juice, while certain studies showed that pineapple extract has a uterotonic activity.

3. Sesame Seeds:

Abortion Seeds - Home medicine for abortion

Sesame seeds are considered to be one of the safest Indian home remedies for abortion. They are soaked overnight and consumed along with honey for fast results. Although there is no sufficient evidence on their effectiveness, it is believed that a certain dose of sesame seeds can increase body heat to stimulate contractions. Unlike the other home remedies, this ingredient is largely free from side effects, unless it is taken in exceptionally high amounts.

4. Parsley:

Abortion Leaves

Parsley is considered to be the best home remedy for abortion. Many people believe that Parsley tea is a herbal abortion method, which when taken in some doses can trigger contractions and eliminate the fetus. Certain studies showed that the herb did contribute to abortion, but also showed many toxic effects due to its volatile oils. Cases were also reported world-wide where women lost their lives after attempting to use Parsley for this purpose. It is also dangerous to put Parsley leaves in your vaginal area to stimulate uterine spasms.

5. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C Homemade remedies for abortion

We all know that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and immune booster. As per a Russian journal of 1970, the abortifacient side of this nutrient was revealed after a thorough study. It is known that taking high amounts of Vitamin C supplements led to a sudden pump of oestrogen levels in the body, leading to a miscarriage.

6. Acacia Pods:

Abortion Plant - Natural ways to do abortion

Acacia is a type of flowering plant and its pods are a natural treatment for abortion. While there is no strong published evidence on the way it works, many people use a blend of acacia pods with banana shoots for faster results. Both the ingredients are sun-dried in equal quantities and powdered. This blend must be mixed with sugar and consumed many times until the bleeding starts. Again, there is no guarantee on its safety and effectiveness of this remedy.

7. Chamomile:

Abortion Tea

Along with calming your body and mind, Chamomile tea is one of the safe, natural remedies for abortion. This herbal remedy for abortion contains thujone, which can induce early contractions when taken in large amounts. So, you must consume at least 3 cups a day to see the effect.

8. Cotton Root Bark:

Cotton root bark is obtained from the roots of the cotton plant and is used for easing menstrual cramps and increasing uterine contractions during childbirth.It is also considered to be one of the less toxic abortifacient herbs which can induce miscarriages in pregnant women. The ingredient is either used in the form of a tea or tincture in recommended doses to end a pregnancy.

It is known to stimulate early contractions and induce abortions in pregnant women.

9. Cinnamon:

Abortion Herb - Best home remedy for abortion

Cinnamon is one of the effective home remedies for unwanted pregnancy. In many parts of the world, women take strong cinnamon tea to induce early labor. The results are attributed to the powerful agents present in this spice. However, you must strictly stay away from Cassia Cinnamon, which is the more toxic variety, due to the presence of high amounts of Coumarin.

10. Goji Berries:

Home remedies to terminate pregnancy

As per the Chinese, Goji berries are believed to be one of the most potent self-abortion remedies. These berries contain high amounts of Betaine and other compounds which can lead to miscarriages. What you also need to know about these fruits is their harmful effects on your overall health and kidneys. It is important to consult a trained expert on the safe dosage of these berries to avoid unwanted health complications.

11. Hot Bath:

Home remedies to end pregnancy

Along with helping you to relax, a hot water bath is the best home remedy to cause abortion. As per a study, women who used a hot tub during the first trimester had more likelihood of abortion. The idea is to increase the overall temperature, instead of just the abdominal region for better results. However, care must be taken not to go beyond 101 degrees F or 38 Degree Celsius temperature and not spend more than 10 minutes in the water.

12. Homemade Foods:

Apart from the remedies mentioned above, consuming certain foods may give you a self-induced abortion. However, there are no empirical proof on how these foods work, the rate of success and safety. So, it is better to check with a doctor before trying them at home:

  • Sea Food: It is believed that consuming high amounts of Crabs, fish, prawns, etc., during pregnancy can shrink the uterus and cause bleeding due to abortion.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera contains anthraquinones, which are known to induce preterm contractions. Eating high amounts of this gel may give you a miscarriage.
  • Caffeine Drinks: While a cup or two of coffee is largely risk-free, having an excess of caffeine-based drinks can dehydrate the body and lead to fluid loss. This, in turn, affects your pregnancy and can cause a natural abortion. While it is good for you in a way, the side effects of caffeine overdosage are unimaginable.
  • Spices: Spices like peppermint, fenugreek, etc., can stimulate uterine contractions in early pregnancy. They can also cause severe bleeding due to the dilation of blood. This happens only when they take in large doses.
  • Acidic Fruits: Certain fruits like wild apples, citrus fruits are extremely sour due to high acidic content. Consuming them beyond the recommended dosage can trigger a miscarriage, along with causing many other gastrointestinal issues.

Home remedies to abort pregnancy

13. Home Exercises:

Although exercises are recommended during pregnancy, there are certain poses that can cause natural abortion in women. Here are some of them:

  • Weight Lifting: Lifting heavy weights can strain your skeletal system and stunt fetal growth, which can lead to a self miscarriage.
  • Lying on Back: When you sleep on your back, the blood supply to the fetus gets decreased and slowly end your pregnancy. However, it may take a few days for the results to show and in the process, you might experience dizziness.
  • Yoga: There are certain poses in Yoga which can terminate your pregnancy. Asanas that involve jumping, twisting, compressing of organs, extreme stretching and inversion of the body can cause extreme stress to the lower half of your body. Along with that, they lead to a supply of deoxygenated blood to the uterus can lead to abortion.

There are also other exercises like situps, crunches, etc., which are used by many women to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. However, it is not known whether these poses can give you a complete abortion. If they fail, then there is a high likelihood that you may give birth to a defective or crippled baby. So, don’t perform them unless guided by a trained expert.

NOTE: These home remedies for unwanted pregnancy may work only in the early stages (1-12 weeks). You can try them for a week or so and if they do not work, it is not worth taking the risk. Immediately check with your doctor on medical abortion procedures. Also, if you suspect a missed or incomplete abortion, don’t neglect and clearly tell your doctor about it.

home remedies for unwanted pregnancy

Abortion at Home: Signs, Effects & Recovery Tips-

1. After Abortion Signs:

How do you know that you have had a miscarriage? Are there any symptoms to watch out for? What is normal and what is not? Read on to know about them:

Whether it is a natural miscarriage or a self-induced abortion, you are likely to experience these commonly found changes in your body.

  • Medium To Heavy Bleeding, along with slight to severe spotting
  • Severe Cramping in the lower abdominal region, which can go all the way to buttocks and vaginal area.
  • Fatigue and extreme weakness
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Shooting pain in your back

And in extreme cases, you might also experience:

  • Uncontrollable vomiting or nausea
  • High Body Temperature
  • Burning sensation in the urinary bladder
  • Heavy Blood loss leading to hemorrhage

In both cases, you must immediately contact a doctor and seek proper medical attention on time.

2. Effects of Home Abortion:

As per studies, induced abortion, when performed under strict medical supervision is not likely to cause any serious, long term health effects(1). However, in certain cases, a woman might have increased risk of these issues in the future:

  • Mood Swings, Depression
  • Pre-term labor in subsequent pregnancies
  • Delayed Childbearing
  • Infertility
  • Higher chances of getting Breast Cancer (there is no concrete proof to this statement, and the linkage of elected abortion and cancer was observed in just a few cases)
  • Deaths, in cases where abortion is performed under dangerous circumstances, half-knowledge or using unproven practices.
3. How To Recover After Abortion:

Abortion is a traumatic process that can take a severe toll on your body and mind. It is important to give yourself some time to come out of this episode and restore normalcy in your life. These tips can clear all your confusion regarding the do’s and don’ts after abortion:

  • Rest is very important. Be sure to respect your situation and allow your body to recoup. Take a break from work or anything that can lead to stress.
  • Strictly avoid strenuous, intense workouts for atleast two weeks post-abortion. If you want to exercise, take up lighter forms like meditation, pranayama, etc.,
  • It is recommended to stay away from sexual intercourse for at least two weeks, as your genitals may still be tender and it might lead to a painful experience. Also, the risk of contracting infections also goes higher during this time.
  • Avoid going out for a week or two, until the bleeding subsides. You might experience a sudden gush of blood, which can lead to embarrassment and also fainting. Keep your pads ready and don’t use tampons to prevent the risk the infections.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Also, ask your doctor if you need iron supplements to cope up with the blood loss.
  • A regular doctor checkup is a must, even if you start feeling fine.
  • Most important of all is to get some support at home to cope up with hormone-related anxiety and emotional stress.


1. Will Abortion Affect my Future Pregnancy and Periods?

If you had an abortion before, there are fewer chances of impact to future pregnancies. This, however, may vary case to case and in rare cases, you might have a challenging second pregnancy. After an abortion, the period cycles may go haphazard and it takes a few months to get regularized. If you face any of the problems with bleeding or irregular periods, do consult a doctor.

2. Is Aspirin for Abortion a Safe Method and Does it work?

Aspirin is a drugstore analgesic that is used to treat body pains and inflammation. Many people claim that Aspirin can also work for terminating a pregnancy by using a few doses per day. This, however, lacks any valid evidence and is not recommended by any means. Also, a study shows that taking Aspirin 26 hours before the elective abortion procedure can lead to prolonged bleeding time and significant dangers.

3. Does Acupuncture for Abortion Really Work?

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine, which uses needles to stimulate organs. It is told that inserting needles in certain “forbidden” points can induce abortion and miscarriage in a woman. As per this theory, stimulation of Li-4, Sp-6, and Pericardium-6 with bladder 60 can increase the success rate of a medically induced abortion.

4. Can Sex During Pregnancy Lead to Abortion?

There are many doubts about the role of sex in a miscarriage. Many people believe that having sex in the very early stages of pregnancy can cause abortion. However, the chances of this are very rare. Most miscarriages are caused by other issues. But, in women with Placenta Previa or low lying Placenta, it is best to avoid sex until the second trimester.


None of the above remedies or medicines is proven to be 100% safe and effective in inducing a successful abortion. They are also not prescribed by any doctor or medical practitioner on paper. Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the pros and cons of each of these methods before trying them at home. As mentioned above, any overdose can lead to irreversible damage to your body and hence avoid having blind faith in them. By doing so, you are taking full responsibility for the consequences. It is always a good practice to go for medical care and intervention, unless and until you have restricted access to it.