Top 9 Cardio Exercises During Pregnancy

Top 9 Cardio Exercises During Pregnancy

Cardio exercises during pregnancy are very beneficial for both the mother and her unborn child. It strengthens muscles and increases pulmonary function, letting the body breathe in more oxygen. It strengthens the muscles of the heart. Plus, a good cardio workout always leaves one with an energetic and cheerful mental attitude towards everything in life, which is very important for the healthy growth of the baby.

So what are the cardio exercises for pregnant women? Basically most of the cardio exercises can be done in pregnancy, but toned down in intensity and duration as the pregnancy progresses. Care must be taken never to lose breath, as this might lead to the unborn child receiving lesser oxygen as most of the oxygen is then used for the mother’s own body. Just exercise safely, and in a comfortable pace.

Here are Some Cardio Exercises as They Should be Done During Pregnancy:

1. Swimming:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy

Swimming is a particularly great exercise during pregnancy as water reduces the body weight by one tenth and hence there is almost no strain on the joints. Plus, water helps keep the body from overheating. Do not swim too vigorously however. Keep your pace steady and comfortable.

2. Water Zumba:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 2

Water Zumba is fun twist on the classic Zumba workout routine-in a zero-impact and cooling environment. Keep your dance moves low key and comfortable. Before continuing with this cardio exercise during pregnancy, make sure to consult your doctor and also your Zumba instructor who can modify your moves to suit for condition.

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3. Treadmill Cardio Workout:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 3

If you already follow a treadmill cardio workout, you can continue to so even after pregnancy. However, do so only, and only after you have consulted with your doctor and your trainer so that they can draw up the perfect workout for you based on your physical condition and pregnancy. In general, do restful exercises that do make you go out of breath.

4. Walking:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 4

Walking is the best cardio exercise there it. It is easy, safe and economical as well. Go for light and easy-breezy morning and evening stroll to breathe in the fresh air outside. Walk at a comfortable pace and if you feel yourself tiring even slightly, then sit down for some time and rest, breathing deeply.

5. Jogging:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 5

As jogging is a more impactful exercise that walking, it is important to consult with your doctor and your trainer if you have one before beginning jogging as a cardio exercise during pregnancy. Wear comfortable running shoes, warm up beforehand and jog at a steady pace that will not leave you breathless.

6. Kickboxing:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 6

Kickboxing is a high impact cardio exercise that involves martial moves. It is best to avoid kickboxing during pregnancy. Kickboxing in early pregnancy is still fine, but in later stages it may be dangerous. However, feel free to consult your doctor for his advice.

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7. Cycling:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 7

Cycling while pregnant is a good exercise if you are adept at cycling and are sure that there is no risk of a fall. Do not cycle too fat or up steep slopes as that is too impactful and tiring. Cycle at a comfortable, leisurely pace. Preferably with a cycling partner!

8. Hiking:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 8

Hiking is a fun cardiovascular exercise. It is an enjoyable, relaxing cardio workout for pregnancy. Wear comfortable hiking boots, and hike at a comfortable, unhurried pace, breathing deeply the fresh natural air. Remember to consult with your doctor about choosing the right terrain.

9. Skiing, Rowing, Etc:

Cardio exercises you should do during pregnancy 9

These are exercises to avoid as your pregnancy progresses as there is a risk of falling down or colliding with objects. In very early stages of pregnancy you may choose a safe ski course. However, make sure that you consult with your doctor.

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So these were pregnancy cardio workouts for you to consider. Before deciding on a regular workout, consult with your doctor and trainer who will be able to chalk up the perfect and safest workout for you.

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