Hottest Hipster Vacation Destinations in 2020

Hottest Hipster Vacation Destinations in 2020

Hipster Vacation Destinations: Amsterdam, Holland

Are you searching for hipster vacation ideas in Europe? One of the hippest cities in Europe is definitely Amsterdam. Renowned for its cool people, bars and brownies, Amsterdam is “the place to go” for any hipster who simply adores biking!

Once there, you shouldn’t miss De Pijp neighborhood, one of the best dutch hipster vacations spots, packed with cafes, bars and pubs where young people love to hang out especially during the weekends. De Pijp is also the home of Albert Cuyp Market where hipsters get real bargains on food, but also on clothing.


If in Amsterdam, check in at a cool hipster hotel: Lloyd Hotel. Located in the Eastern Docklands, this hipster hotel was once a prison. Nowadays, Lloyd Hotel has 117 rooms ranging from one to five stars, a terrace and a restaurant that serves a variety of food, Dutch and international.

Hottest Hipster Vacation Destinations in 2020

Hipster Vacation Destinations: Seattle, Washington

The hipster way of living involves owning the latest tech gadgets, but also a bicycle, eating organic food, going to indie music festivals and knowing where’s the best beer and food in town! If you live outside of the US or you haven’t visited so far the magnificent Seattle, then you should put this city on your list of hottest hipster vacation destinations in 2020!

Hottest Hipster Vacation Destinations in 2020

Why would you choose Seattle? Amongst other things, because of its “hipster beer”, a pilsner that can be drank only after using a church key opener. Also, Seattle has been voted the city with the most intelligent people and with the best coffee in the US – it’s no surprise that Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks!

Hipster Vacation Destinations: Austin, Texas

Austin is a hipster city by definition, since it’s been for a very long time the hotspot for indie music, but also for live music. A hipster in love with culture should not miss East Austin, packed with art galleries. While in the neighborhood, pay a visit to the local bars and restaurants and especially to the food trucks, one of the gems of the city.

Hottest Hipster Vacation Destinations in 2020

If you’re looking for a place to sleep after a long day roaming the streets of Texas, San Jose Hotel is the place to go! This hipster hotel is a creative and relaxed place chosen by traveling artists from all over the world.

Its vintage design includes elements like retro bicycles and furniture, but also old cameras. If you choose to stay at the hipster San Jose Hotel, you should keep in mind that it is located in the South Congress District.

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