How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

Finding the right frame for your photos is the most important factor in displaying them perfectly. Check out the 4 important questions you need to ask yourself when you’re wondering how to choose the right picture frame.

The secret to the perfect picture frame is making sure it fits both the photograph and its surroundings. Answer these 4 questions to choose the best picture frames.

Does It Fit the Room?

Even if you buy the most exquisite picture frame, it won’t look its best if it doesn’t fit the overall mood of your room. For instance, don’t get sterling silver frames for a room with a rustic feel. An ornate picture frame like the Natori Toren Gate Picture Frame With Embossed Dragon Scale Motif works best in a room with elegant furniture and other metallic touches.

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

Does It Complement the Picture?

Matching the colors in the picture with the frame isn’t an absolute must, but it’s a good idea. Avoid using a two-tone frame like the Reed & Barton Tortoise Picture Frame for simple black and white pictures, but don’t go too far in the opposite direction either. Just because the picture features a poppy field it doesn’t mean you need a bright red frame.

Does It Convey the Importance of the Picture?

Vacation snapshots need a simple frame and important pictures, like your wedding pictures taken by a professional photographer, need special treatment. Make sure to take the importance of the event that was captured into account when making a final decision on the right picture frame.

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

Does It Match the Style of the Picture?

Framing photographs can be just as demanding as matching an outfit when you want your home to look perfect. For more artsy photos you can choose more creative frames and for simple snapshots, it’s best to use frames that highlight them, not something too ornate that completely overpowers the image.

From Sterling Silver to Snakeskin

The handcrafted Sterling Silver Guilloche’ Picture Frame can be the right choice to highlight important moments in your life in an elegant way. For a more rustic setting, a Carved Wood and Leather Picture Frame is the ideal choice, while for a more brightly colored room and picture you can opt for the Carnevale – Hand Decorated Murano Glass Picture Frame. Add a touch of style to your pictures with the Panama Snakeskin Picture Frame to showcase your pictures in a distinctive way.

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

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