25 Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids in 2020

Summer is that time of this year 2020 when everyone looks to escape from the mundane activities of life and indulge in some self-pampering. At the same time, it is a challenging period for the parents as the kids will be home all day and they need to be kept engaged else they will go lazy and spend most of their time playing PSP or watching television. Summer is, however, the perfect time for camping, especially for kids, as it is the time when most schools are on a break, and it is the best way of keeping them creatively engaged. The easiest way is the Summer Camps activities. With a lot of fun activities, the kids will be kept creatively engaged and away from mobiles.

These camps give individuals the opportunity to meet new people and make friends that they might not frequently acquaint themselves with. Therefore, summer camps are a time of great fun and enjoyment. The activities that are introduced at these camps are fun, interactive and educational at the same time. People learn how to work in teams and support each other in a task.

Best Summer Camp Activities For Kids in 2020:

Listed below are some of the 25 best summer camp activities that are both fun, entertaining and interactive:

1. Outdoor Word Game For Kids:

summer camp activities

This particular outdoor game is both fun and educational and is perfect for children. All you need to do is set up a sort of a scrabble game with huge letters that can be easily moved. These words will help spell out certain words. Teenagers would also love something like this as it gives them the opportunity to invest their time in learning new words that may come in handy in school.

2. Spray Painting :

summer camp activities

To bring out the creativity in a person, activity centred on spray painting is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing. One of the easiest and best summer camp ideas is T-Shirt painting. All you need to do is provide plain white t-shirts and some cans of coloured spray paint and watch the magic happen. It will be quite surprising to see some of the whacky and original ideas that will flow from individuals. This will boost the creativity in them, and even you will be surprised by the beautiful outcome of it.

3. Outdoor Twister:

Outdoor Twister

One of the most popular games among the youth and children of our time and a great summer camp activity is Twister. A person will be in charge of monitoring the game and will call out colours which can be placed outdoors. Participants have the task of placing either their hands or legs on the same colour. A fun and exciting game that focuses on hand-eye coordination.

4. The Maze:

The Maze

Are you looking for ideas for summer camp activities and games? Then here it is. One of the most fun games at a summer camp is the hallway maze game where a maze is constructed from either toilet paper or strings of paper. The chosen participant is then asked to make his way through the maze within a stipulated time frame without touching the paper. A competition is held between at least 3-5 individuals to decide a winner. This is one of the best and entertaining summer camp ideas for kids and adults also.

5. The Minute To Win It Game:

The Minute To Win It Game

This game involves the proper utilization of time. There are a lot of one-minute summer camp activities for kids. In one of such games, the participants are given a minute to balance either a cheerio or some other prop on a stick. The participant that manages to sustain it for a minute will win it all. This activity idea gives the best time to the whole summer camp.

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6. Art And Craft :

Art And Craft

Children always require fun activities to do. Therefore, to keep them preoccupied and also ensure that they remain productive, art and craft activities are a great way to keep them busy. From making pencil holders to cards, children can be creative when given some items to work with. This game is also useful for the child as a brain memory-booster. This is one of the best summer camp activities for preschoolers that will bring out the hidden creativity from the kids and also make us aware of their potentials and inclinations.

7. Hats From Paper Plates :

Hats From Paper Plates

Pre-teens and teenagers can use their creativity to create fun hats from paper plates in the children summer camp. These adorable caps are quirky and creative. This type of ideas may lead to increase the creativity levels in kids.

8. Kids Mini Olympics :

Kids Mini Olympics

A fun way of keeping children excited is by organizing a mini Olympics at the children summer camp. These games will include running, cycling and even a relay race. These activities will keep children busy and will keep them preoccupied for a considerable amount of time and at the same time, increase their immunity and resistance power.

9. Parachute Games For Child:

Parachute Games For Child

The parachute game is always a hit among kids and teenagers and is a must summer camp activities for kids. A huge parachute is supported by a group of 5-6 children who then balance balls on it. This game helps in developing team-work among the participants.

10. Chalk Twister :

Chalk Twister

Chalk twister can be said to be one of the best summer camp outdoor games for kids. It is pretty similar to the game already discussed before, outdoor twister. Children at a summer camp play this game pretty often, and it can be said to be one of the best games for both boys and girls, which can be played outside. All you will need is some chalk dust and make a surface with the help of that powdered chalk. There is nothing much to say about this game, as one can figure it out from the picture provided below. Chalk twist is a popular indoor game as well.

Lots of boys and girls prefer the chalk twister game over many other summer camp activities. The kids might get a little dirty. But they are having fun, and that’s all that matters.

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11. Pool Noodle Javelin:

Pool Noodle Javelin

Pool needle javelin is one of the most harmless summer camp activities and is one of the most popular ones as well. It is practised quite often and can be said to one of those activities which kids love doing. Generally, in this outdoor activity, one will have to throw a long balloon-like material through a ring which will be made of the same material as well. It is inexpensive and can be done almost anywhere. It is a quite popular weekend activity for kids as well.

12. Summer Camp Tug Of War For Kids:

summer camp activities

Don’t confuse this with the intense version of this game, which is often done by adults as well. In this game, such a thick rope is not used, and it is generally a thin rope made of such a material which cannot harm the kids. Kids find of tug of war a pretty fun activity as well. Some kids find fun in physical activity, and this will be perfect for them and at the same time would maintain a safe distance between the kids, and this will prove to be less harmful and more safe to the children who like to go physical. It is one of the best summer camp outdoor games for kids where kids are tested of their strength and strategy.

One should allow the kids to play tug of war more often to get them involved in a physical ability showoff.

13. Bicycle Games :

summer camp activities

One of the most famous types of summer camp activities is bicycle games. Generally, most of the summer camp for students offer this facility. If there are bicycles in your camp, then definitely allow your kids to make use of it. There is always room for a friendly competition in this type of activities, and it can be said to be one of the best summer camp activities for kids.

14. Field Day :

Field Day

Have a field day at your summer camp. It will turn out to be one of the best days you have ever experienced. One can easily have fun on a field day as there are so many things that can be done. The field day is one of the best summer camp activities of kids who prefer adventure more than indoor activities. It is safe, as it will under the premises of the summer camp.

15. Vista Camps :

Vista Camps

These are basically camping activities performed within the premises of the summer camps. One of the best features of these activities is that it includes more than one activities. There is -room to do a lot, and it can be said to be one of the best summer camp activities ever. Kids love getting involved in the vista camps, and this will be extremely beneficial for the parents as well. They can send them to their summer camp at respective locations and sit back and relax, while they watch their kids grow and play. It is one of the best ways to spend your childhood days. Do send them to summer camps and take part in the numerous activities, if you’re planning to provide your kids with a healthy future.

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16. Friendship Bracelets :

Friendship Bracelets

Making hand-made stuff are exciting for the kids. This activity is a really popular summer camp activity and is generally done by kids. It can be said to be a time-killer. Kids will be busy in making new and innovative stuff out of literally nothing just by using their imagination. Friendship bracelets are a popular choice for the kids and can be said to be extremely enjoyable for the children and are thus one of the most famous summer camp indoor activities.

Kids have a simple mind, and a heart of gold with no worries and this is why they are filled with creative ideas. Making bracelets can prove to be a fun time for the kids, and they will have lots of fun in making them. Another important fact is that when the kids are busy in making these bracelets, the supervisors and the care-takers can take some time off and get some rest. Dealing and handling and managing kids can be hard for them and the trick to get the kids involved with something they love and find joy it can be said to be a brilliant idea.

These bracelets can be made of almost anything and everything. The summer camp authority will provide them with the necessaries, and the kids will be able to have a wonderful time making those things. Sometimes, what happens is that the supervisors arrange competitions (friendly competitions) to make the labour provided by the kids more active and this way they can lay a little more stress on their minds and create something extraordinary.

17. Stick Men :

summer camp activities

This is a charming cute summer camp outdoor game for kids often played in summer camps. These are sticks, occupied by the tender tree branches and designing them as men. Colourful cloth material is used and to beautify them, and hand-made artificial eyes are also attached to them to give them a lively look. This is done by both boys and girls. Children love the art of making new things, and this will be perfect for those who have a creative mind. It is a part of summer camp arts and crafts activities and the kid, who does it the best is always unique and rewarded with something. The competition is always friendly, though. The caretakers ensure the fact that the competition between the kids always remains healthy, and it is part of their job.

18. Leaf Crown :

Leaf Crown

This activity involves making crowns out of mere leaves. It is an extremely innovative idea, and a lot of kids love this. It can be said to be one of the best activities in the summer camp for girls. Who wouldn’t want to get involved in this game? Parents also allow their kids to get involved in this activity as it harm-free, and the kids find fun performing it as well. This is one of the best activities for the kids who visit summer camps quite often.

19. Making a Compass :

Making a Compass

These are basically magnetic compasses made by the kids. The necessaries for making it are provided by the caretakers, or the kids bring it from home. Only a few daily necessary things are needed to make the compass.

Making a compass can be said to be one of the most lovable activities for the kids. They love making such innovative things with the help of the most simple supplies possible. These are the activities which make the kids grow mentally. They can make complete use of their mind and create stuff which the adults don’t even think about. This is basically what is so special about the kids. They know so much due to their open and free mind, which is full o innovative ideas. One of the best summer camp activities can be said to be making a compass. Making a compass is one of the best past time for the kids. It will work and will prove to be an effective and productive time-killer.

All you require is a bowl of water and some pins (sewing pins will do) or needles. You will also require a standard magnet and some other things such as foam, cork, and paper.

20. Nature Hike Project :

This is more of a scavenger field project. It depends on what you can salvage and make use of that to create an interactive bracelet. The kids will look for a lot of colourful stuff and generally these are not artificial materials. These will be more of natural materials provided by mother nature. It is one of the best summer camp activities a kid can ever get involved in. These type of summer camp activities are generally performed in counties such as the USA and other similar places but not in India. Indian parents still show a conservative attitude and don’t let their well-grown and well-kept kids to get involved in this activity as they think they might find something which in-turn might be harmful to their kids only. That is the only reasons why not many summer camp destinations are not available in India.

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21. Bird-Feeder :


This is again something that kids will have to create. They can make this pretty easily with the help of daily household necessaries. It is a pretty simple and fun activity, and the kids love it, as the majority finds fun in creating and implementing new stuff. Later on, these are used to feed the birds as well, which means that the kids are making something which is useful, and they are taught to be sustainable.

For making the bird feeder, you will require some bird seeds, some flour, and water. Now you will have to mix them in this order – a handful of bird seeds along with 2tbsp of water and 2tbsp of flour as well. You will have to think as if you’re making a cookie. That is why a kid will have to put all these inside a cookie maker and mix it properly first. Squish it until it is solid and after it is done, try to make some round-shaped cookies from it. This is very exciting, and almost every kid out there will love it. Later on, these will be handed on the trees so that the birds can eat from them.

22. Crayon Rubbing Art :

Crayon Rubbing Art

Crayon rubbing art can be said to be one of the best summer camp activities ever. Kids love to paint with the help of their hands, and they are further provided with the beautiful shades of crayons as well. The textures and designs that the kids make are wonderful. They also place some objects here and there to make the design look extremely attractive. Some kids are so creative that we get to learn new tricks from them. One of the best ways to get the kids involved with something interesting in handing them with a bunch of crayons. Crayon painting is harmless, and all the kids can do it together with all heart as there will be no competition in this case. There should be a professional watch kept on the kids as some tend to taste and eat almost anything and everything they are handed.

23. Land Art :

Land Art

These are arts made on the ground with the help of hand and mere innocent imagination. The kid would find it exciting to try something innovative with the help of artificial mud which has been arranged by the summer camp authority. Land art is a famous holiday and kinder garden activity for the kids also. There are many summer camps out there which promote land art as one of their prime features. This activity is so interesting and engaging that it tops the list of summer camp activities.

The kids often go for hats and boots designs. Sometimes, they make some heart-shaped designs with the help of broken tree branches. This can be said to be one of the best time-pass tricks to get the kids involved in. Wind chimes are also a popular land art activity.

24. Stick Art :

summer camp activities

You can figure out from the name that these are mere sticks arranged to make something awesome. What the kids do is dream throughout the night, and the next morning they try to look for even better, they want to make it and make their dreams a reality. They don’t have any limitations and emotional barriers, and that is one of the reasons why some of the kids are so successful at what they do.

25. Fence Art :

Fence Art

These are generally huge, and for these reasons, they are called giant fence arts. Whenever the parents take their kids outside for some outdoor fun, they allow them to take part in this activity. A lot of summer camps allow the children to practice this activity. With the help of this, they can explore the outside world pretty quickly.

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Summer camp is the best way to keep the kids engaged and bring out the creativity in them when the schools are off. And if you have time and love to spend time with kids go ahead and organize some summer camp for kids considering all the summer camp activities ideas that we have provided here. It is the best way of developing the kids, along with some side income.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

1. Give a list of Summer Camp activities for kids.

Ans: Here is a list of some of the best summer camp activities for kids:

  • Making a solar oven
  • Creating a Mentos geyser
  • Learning density with rainbow jars
  • Erupting a backyard volcano
  • Launching Alka-Seltzer Rockets
  • Creating leaf rubbing collages
  • Painting rainbows with bubbles
  • DIY playdough
  • DIY paper kites
  • Get messy with balloon splatter painting

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2. Is there any summer camp for toddlers?

Ans: There are many academies that offer a summer camp for toddlers. They include activities such as tell me a story, show and tell, my neighbours and me etc. the trainer uses fingerplays, songs and movement activities to keep the toddlers engaged and interested.

3. What are the fun things to be done while camping?

Ans: Many summer camps stay in camps where kids stay in the camps. The following are some ideas for summer camp activities & games to be done in the night:

  • Making shadow puppets
  • Playing flashlight tag
  • Playing dark room
  • Stargazing
  • Releasing sky lanterns

4. How to entertain kids while camping?

Ans: The following are some of the activities to entertain kids while camping:

  • Going for a nature walk
  • Cooking on bonfire
  • Watching animals
  • Tell stories by the fire
  • Playing board games
  • Make leaf prints

5. Why is Summer Camp important?

Ans: Summer Camp is important as it enables the kids to become independent and boosts self-confidence in them. It provides a structured opportunity for the kids to grow and learn new and unique things. Kids learn to make new friends and share things.