Scandinavian Interior Designs

Scandinavian Interior Designs

Looking for a fresh start? Mix the most well known Scandinavian interior design trends to get the perfect look in your home. Try the best tips to recreate a simple yet stylish Nordic atmosphere in your home.

The most iconic looks of Scandinavian home design combine elements from the more traditional designs with the scaled back Swedish look. Turn your home into a simple and comfortable space with tips that include the Norwegian and Finnish designs.

Scandinavian Interior Designs: Color and Form

Clean lines are a defining element in Nordic interior decorating, so keep it simple both regarding the furniture and the colors. Cool grey or white aren’t for everybody, so try shades of blue and cream, along with natural tones of brown.

Scandinavian Home Design: Materials and Function

Wood is central to the Scandinavian interior decorating trends, so don’t be afraid to let it show. If your warm tones like pine or oak clash with the background color, use a grey oil to reduce the yellow they bring in. Cladding on walls and ceilings add texture and skylights are a perfect symbol of the Nordic style.

Scandinavian Interior Designs

Scandinavian Interior Designs

Floors and Walls

Hardwood floors can be the best option for real Scandinavian home design, everywhere except for bathrooms. Light colors on the floors are important and adding simple decorations to pale walls is the easiest way to adorn them. Get a simple and discrete fireplace tucked in a corner to add to the look of any room that’s based on the Nordic look and design.

Scandinavian Furniture and Accessories

Select furniture based on the functional and practical aspects before you think about design. Ornate pieces don’t mix well with Scandinavian interior designs, so use light colors and natural shapes.

Clutter is the worst enemy of this interior design look, so put away everything you don’t need in boxes. Storage space should be easily accessible but not overbearing, so big and old armoires and cabinets should be either painted or replaced.

Scandinavian Interior Designs

Scandinavian Interior Designs

Scandinavian Home Design: Outside-inside Connection

Besides the eco-friendly vibe you can get with proper insulation, the most important feature of Scandinavian interior designs is the outside-inside connection.

Decked balconies and terraces can help you connect with the great outdoors and are a staple of Nordic home designs, since Swedes are big fans of barbecue.

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