How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair

How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair

Women have been subjecting their hair to chemical treatments for decades now and there has always been a concern about damaging the hair during the treatments. Chemical treatments can easily damage the hair especially if the procedure is improperly done. When it comes to how to care for chemically treated hair, people should take into consideration the type of chemical procedure done and the extent of the damage caused to the hair.

When caring for chemically treated hair it is always a good idea to try to maximize the intake of essential vitamins because they can help restore the hairs health. A healthy and diverse diet is a sure way to ensure that all the recommended daily intake of vitamins is achieved. To learn how to care for chemically treated hair try to follow these steps: How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair

For Dyed Hair

When the hair is dyed for the first time, the natural barrier that protects the hair is removed by the chemicals contained in the hair dyes, leaving the hair unprotected and more prone to damage.

The hair dye lifts the hair cuticles in order to be able to penetrate the hair shaft to color it and leave the hair feeling rougher. Because the hair cuticles don’t close on their own and because closing them is necessary for healthy, silky hair, following hair care treatments is necessary.

Caring for chemically treated hair can be easily be done using hair conditioner as it is one of the simplest ways of closing back the hairs cuticles since it helps moisturize the hair and soften the hair cuticles to help them close. A finishing rinse of cold water after you applied the conditioner on the hair will help trap the much needed moisture in the hair and reseal the hairs cuticles.

A deep conditioning treatment performed once a week or more often if the hair is very damaged, will help restore the hairs moisture and strength. How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair

For Chemically Straightened or Permed Hair

Chemical straighteners or perms can damage the hair more deeply than hair dying so protecting the hair is a must. The chemicals used for this type of procedures are very harsh and can strip the moisture away from the hair leaving it more prone to breakage and more dry. Simply because this may leave your hair appear dull and brittle, it is essential to try and restore the hairs moisture.

Caring for chemically treated hair needs to be done gently and with patience as it may take some time to reverse the damage that has been caused.

Hair conditioners, deep conditioners, hot oil treatments and intensive moisturizing masks are a definite must when it comes to chemically treated hair. Chemical straighteners and perms leave their print on the hair so you need to perform these treatments if you have chemically treated your hair.

The more damaged your hair is, the more often the hair treatments will have to be performed. After every hair reviving treatment performed give a final rinse using cold water on your hair to lock in the moisture provided.

How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair How to Care for Chemically Processed Hair

Try not to perform these chemical hair treatments too often to minimize the damage dome to the hair. Allow your hair to recuperate so it can handle the stress you are subjecting it to.