10 Hair Tips for Windy Days

10 Hair Tips for Windy Days

Windy days can be very harsh on your tresses, particularly if you have problems with dry hair regularly. Protecting your hair with the right products and the best hairstyles is a must if you want it to look its best in windy weather.

Check out some of the best hair tips for windy days, and make sure that your tresses will be safe and beautiful. From deep conditioning and avoiding heat styling tools to knowing how to handle short hair in windy weather, here’s what you need to know.

1. Go for Deep Conditioning

When you know you’ll be facing winds, deep conditioning your hair once a week is a must. It’s particularly important in colder months. Keep the conditioner or mask on your hair for 10 minutes in order to allow it to penetrate your hair and provide better protection from the elements.

2. Avoid Styling Your Hair with Heat

One of the best hair tips for windy days is using as little heat as possible. If you’re not willing to skip the blow out, then make sure that you’re protecting your tresses with a good spray or serum. Put the flat iron and curling iron away. You can also opt for air drying and use an overnight hairstyle to get the texture you want.

3. Keep the Shampooing to a Minimum

In windy weather, shampooing every day is definitely not the best idea. Even gentle shampoos can contribute to hair dryness when your tresses are exposed to winds. Make sure that you lock in moisture with cold water after you shampoo, and try using a good dry shampoo for extra volume in your off days.

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4. Always Use Leave-in Conditioner

Whether you have straight or curly hair, one of the best hair tips for windy days is to make sure that your hair stays hydrated throughout the day. You can achieve that with leave-in conditioner, or you can also try a hydrating serum that you can apply when needed. If you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors in windy weather, always keep it close.

5. Find the Right Product for Hold

Hairsprays usually include alcohol, which is very drying, so they’re not the best choice when you’re looking for a product that will keep your look pristine in bad weather. A strong hold pomade might be a better choices for taming flyaways and keeping everything in place, but don’t expect it to work miracles. Choose the windy weather hairstyles that work for you and only apply the product after you’ve secured your hair.

6. Wrap It Up

Even if you’re protecting your hair with the best hair tips for windy days, you should also cover it up in heavy winds with either a hat or a scarf. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, but it should be tight enough to not fly off and loose enough that it doesn’t lead to greasy or limp hair once you take it off.

7. Braid It

Your best bet for keeping your hair looking good while also protecting it from the elements is braiding it. It’s particularly useful in order to add some texture or protect your curls. From a fishtail braid to more elaborate hairstyles, keeping your hair close to your scalp is a good choice when you’re faced with really bad and windy weather.

8. Choose a Bun, Not a Ponytail

If braiding is too much trouble, then one of the best hair tips for windy days is to opt for a cute bun. Ponytails can also work when you’re wrapping your head, but if you plan on keeping it uncovered in the wind, the stick a cute bun. Start with a low ponytail, wrap it around itself and secure it well.

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9. Find the Right Bobby Pins

Hair clips are fine, but securing your hair with longer bobby pins is the better choice. Whether you want to get a loose bun or you’re going for a more complex updo, long hair pins are the way to go. While shorter ones should be placed in an X to secure your tresses, longer pins are more versatile and can be the perfect way to protect your hair.

10. Don’t Overwork Short Hair with Product

Short hair should be covered, but if you don’t want to do that, one of the best hair tips for windy days is to be prepared with a good hair refresher spray. Don’t overwork it, and stay away from products that promise strong hold. Use your fingers to style it once you get back indoors and have used the refresher spray.

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