10 Home Remedies for Different Hair Problems

Gosh, every morning waking up to see tufts of hair on the pillow, not a good start to a GOOD MORNING. Hair loss, one of the many reasons why men and women are depressed these days, since looks in this day and age does matter.

hair problems

No one wants to be caught with a receding hair line or a bald patch, let alone being caught with a wig that flies off on a windy day. This is why it is so important to spend at least ten minutes a day to nourish and care for the crowning glory you have, or else, you can join the gang of eternal sunshine eggheads, which is your nightmare.

Common Hair Fall Problems in Women and Men:

Hair Problems Happens Because of:

  1. Vitamin deficiency.
  2. Mineral deficiency.
  3. Iron deficiency.
  4. Age.
  5. Pollution.
  6. External elements.
  7. Chemical treatments.
  8. Stress.
  9. No sleep or lack of it.
  10. Imbalanced hormones.
  11. Underlying ailments.
  12. Wrong use of over the counter hair products.
  13. Bleaching, straightening and other hair problems.
  14. Dandruff and scalp infections.
  15. Lifestyle changes.

Experts opine that everyone loses around one hundred hair strands daily, which is normal, however, anything more than that should ring the alarm bells. This is why it is so important to eat healthy, exercise and have a lot of water, sleep and deep breathing too, for long lasting shine on those lovely tresses you own.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall and Scalp Problems:

These are topical and non-topical home remedies that have proven to combat hair fall, since the days of Ye Olde!!

1. Your hair needs to be kept clean, which means washing it with a mild herbal shampoo made of shikakai and amla would be great. This would not only shampoo your hair, but would keep it naturally conditioned too. There are herbal shampoos of the same mix available at brick and mortar stores and across reputed online stores too. However, pick one according to your hair type for better results.

2. Lukewarm oil mixed garlic cloves and massaged into the scalp twice a week does wonders for the hair. One can use any essential oil, but ensure castor oil and mustard oil in equal quantities of a table spoon each are used to better consistency. Turban wrap the head and let the warmth soak in the oils, allowing the scalp to nourish. Do this twice a week, your hair will stop falling, no dandruff to cry about and the shine is restored.

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3. We ask you to resist the temptation of combing your hair, even with a wide toothed brush or comb. Wet hair is weak and that’s why towel wrap or turban wraps are advised, so that natural drying happens. Don’t use a hair dryer too much for the hair drying process, it burns the hair and makes it fall.

4. Women, if you use hair accessories that are too tight, they would pull your hair and make the strands fall. Hence, no matter how cute the bunny clips or bobby pins look, ensure you don’t use or buy hair slips and other hair accessories which would be tight.

5. When men and women walk out in the sun, they should have their head covered. This would keep the hair clean and safe from external elements, such as pollution, dust and the UV rays of the sun. Yes, the UV rays of the sun kills the hair follicles and doesn’t allow the scalp to breathe well.

6. Use palmetto to treat hair fall, this is what the Native American tribes have been using since days ancient to our knowledge. Palmetto is known to stop DHT from being produced. DHT in fact is the reason why prostrates enlarge, and it also causes hair loss too.

7. Vitamins are important to have, since they nourish the body, keep the skin shining and hair bouncy. Vitamin A helps with sebum production, it is an anti-oxidant too. Vitamin E helps with circulation of the blood, necessary for scalp nourishment leading to healthier hair follicles, and Vitamin B helps with melanin production, the reason why your hair boasts of deep dark colours.

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8. Look at your kitchen for answers to hair fall, onion paste, garlic paste and ginger paste, one table spoon each and rubbed deep into the scalp with gentle circular motions would help. Do not mix them, Just use one of them!! Keep the paste for twelve hours straight and then wash it off with cold water.

9. Henna helps restore the moisture and seals cuticles too. The herb is known to make the hair roots strong.

10. We all love green tea for it’s varied benefits, and apart from the antioxidants it has for anti-ageing, it also helps stop hair fall too. A teaspoon of warm wet green tea leaves massaged into the scalp and left for ten minutes is enough. Do this twice a week for natural shine and more hair growth.

Count Your Blessings:

We often complain of the hair that was and in the bargain forget about the hair that we have, only to see at a later stage what we had we ignored and lost. Don’t be a statistic dear heart, take care of the crowning glory that still sits pretty on your head. Follow our tips and nurture the hair that still remains.

a. Try to breathe and do yoga every day for thirty minutes at least. This would bring down stress levels to a large extent.

b. Meditation too helps; it calms the mind and the soul. It also helps bring calmness and a positive aura around, which heals internal and external issues, say holistic experts.

c. Brisk walking, cycling, freehand exercises too are of great use, so go ahead and indulge in a little dance every evening if you please. When the body is given enough movement, circulation of the blood happens well, keeping every inch of the body and head, fit and fine.