5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

Makeup is a wonderful tool to flatter your features and highlight your natural beauty. A perfect makeup gives you a glamorous look and boosts your confidence. Knowing how to achieve a great makeup you will be able to create wonderful looks that are suitable for each and every occasion. Makeup application is not a complicated thing, however there are some basic rules that are key to obtaining a perfect result. Read on to find out what are the most important things that you should avoid in order to apply your makeup correctly. 5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

When it comes to makeup application, one of the essential things you should pay attention to is to apply face powder after a hydrating or moisturizing cream. If you apply powder on a dry skin, your makeup will look tired and you can end up with a flaky, tired looking skin that can ruin your look. If you forget to moisturize your face before brushing powder on your face, it can clog your pores, making them seem larger and more visible.

Go for softer, more natural nuances when choosing a blush, since bright, harsh colors do nothing else but make you look tired and accentuate your wrinkles. Fresh, rosy cheeks will give you a chic, feminine look and a nice, soft contour to your face.

In order to obtain a flawless result, shop for a foundation that is matching your skin tone. Avoid applying it on your chin or cheeks alone, since the result will be an artificial effect and you will end up looking as though you are wearing a mask on your face. The best way to avoid an unnatural finish is using a damp makeup sponge to apply the foundation, starting from your neckline and proceeding upwards. Blend the product evenly into your skin, leaving no lines on your face. Remove excess foundation if necessary.

5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

Avoid choosing eye shadows according to your eye color. Blue eyes won’t get enough accent if you match them with blue eye shadow tones. Opt for contrasting colors instead, such as dark brown or black that will truly highlight the beautiful color of your eyes, giving you a deeper, sensual look. If you have brown eyes opt for wonderful violet shades while green eyes look amazing when you emphasize them with pink or peach nuances.

When your eyes are tired, try to stay away from green eye shadow tones, as they will only make them look even more tired. In this case, you can try out peachy shades or warm beige tones that will make wonders to your eyes, giving you a fresher, brighter look. Tip: Shop for duo or trio eye shadows that contain lighter and darker color tones as well. These amazing products are perfect choices when you are attending an elegant evening occasion as you can accentuate your eyes with chic dark tones, adding a touch of glam to your look.

When you are applying a lip makeup, one of the basic things is to make sure that the color of the lip liner that you use for giving your lips a nice contour, should not be darker than the lipstick or lip gloss itself. Instead, opt for a lip pencil that is very close to the shade of the lipstick you are going to wear. If you are endowed with gorgeous plump lips, the best option is to put aside lipsticks and go for dark pink lip glosses or apply a pink lipstick using a fine brush.

Following the above tips you can avoid ending up with an artificial look and you will easily achieve a stunning makeup that enhances your features and gives you a sophisticated, glamorous look.