Beauty Rules You Can Break

Beauty Rules You Can Break

While some old school beauty rules are still great guidelines for taking caring of yourself, others have stopped being relevant and following them is either unnecessary or even harmful in the long run. From rules about tweezing and filing nails to skincare myths, here are the beauty rules you can break.

If you’re not sticking to the traditional, there are the beauty rules that can actually improve your skincare and makeup, but only once you’re ready to let them go.

1. Choosing Colors Based on Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Sticking to colors that go well with your skin tone is certainly a good option, but choosing something different is no longer a bad idea. Whether you have warm or cool skin tones, the biggest impact you makeup has on them is through the foundation and concealer. Once you’ve got good coverage in adequate shades for your skin, stop worrying and go for beautiful contrasts!

Beauty Rules You Can Break

2. Only Tweeze Below Your Eyebrows

Never touching the top of your eyebrows is a very old tip and one of the beauty rules you can break. Get a more defined eyebrow shape by brushing your them and then drawing on the upper edge with a makeup pencil. Get rid of any hairs above the line, since they can actually create a shadow and impact the overall look of your eyebrows.

3. You Should Only File Your Nails in One Direction

Filing the edge of your nails has no impact on their overall health. The reason why many women still follow this rule is that coarse nail files can leave the nail in a less than perfect shape. The newer and finer nail files don’t have the same impact. Get a nail file with a grit count of at least 240 and you can file in both directions.

Beauty Rules You Can Break

4. Avoid Fake Eyelashes During the Day

At the time the fake eyelash rule was in place, they were too thick and long to be able to pass as a subtle enhancement of your natural features. It’s definitely one of the beauty rules you can break, since fake eyelashes now all come in all sizes and styles. You can either go for touch ups at the outer corners of your eyes or go with full delicate strips.

5. Don’t Let Conditioner Touch Your Scalp

If you use conditioner only on your tips, you’re not taking of your entire hair and scalp the way you should. Go for a conditioner that’s also suited to your scalp, that won’t make the roots greasy, but will moisturize your hair the right way. Stop worrying about product buildup and simply use a toning shampoo once a week.

6. Never Pop Pimples

While sometimes popping your zits can leave behind scarring, it’s not really that common. It’s one of the beauty rules you can break, since covering them up with layers of makeup doesn’t do them any good either. You can find plenty of products you can use to decrease any risks you take by taking matters into your own hands.

Beauty Rules You Can Break

7. Your Manicure and Pedicure Should Match

Forget about the matchy-matchy look, it’s been a long time since going for complementary shades was considered a faux-pas. Express yourself through colors on both your nails and toes based on your mood. You can even mix gold with silver for an edgier look.

8. Men’s Products Are Not Fit for Ladies

You shouldn’t avoid products labeled for men based on the misconception that they’re somehow harsher for your skin. It’s one of the most current beauty rules you can break because men only recently became interested in better skincare and even makeup. If you’re looking for a subtle and natural look, products aimed at men are exactly what you need.

9. You Shouldn’t Use Dark Mascara or Eyeliner on Your Bottom Lashes

This rule still counts if you’re dealing with deep-set or small eyes. Otherwise, feel free to go with a darker eyeliner and even black mascara on your bottom lashes, even if it’s a day look. As long as you make sure there’s no clumping, you’ll be fine. Mascara is easiest to apply on the bottom lashes with a very fine brush and waterproof eyeliner that’s applied well won’t smudge or highlight any dark under-eye circles.

Beauty Rules You Can Break

10. Over 30? You Have to Use Prescription Retinoids

Retinoids aren’t for everyone and they can have unpleasant side effects. If you’re starting to worry about fine lines and wrinkles, this is one of the beauty rules you can break. Don’t go straight to your dermatologist demanding a prescription, try over the counter retinoids first.

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