Victoria’s Secret 2020 Diamond Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret 2020 Diamond Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret has managed to maintain its top spot in the lingerie fashion industry, being one of the world’s most renowned women’s lingerie brand. Lingerie can play a very important role when it comes to confidence and feeling feminine and sexy, so investing in sexy, high quality lingerie will only bring you benefits.

There are a variety of lingerie styles available to choose from at Victoria’s Secret and because Victoria’s Secret has always tried to add glamor and sexiness through their lingerie styles, they have created the Diamond Fantasy Bra. The name of this bra suggests what the bra is all about and watching this bra which is developed every year is more than a delight.

The first Fantasy Bra was created by Victoria’s Secret in 1996, and it was a called “the Million Dollar Miracle Bra”. The bra featured more than 100 carats of diamonds and a variety of semi-precious gems which made the bra look amazing. The Million Dollar Miracle Bra was worn by Claudia Schiffer, the world renowned supermodel which looked amazing wearing this super-expensive bra.

Victoria’s Secret 2020 Diamond Fantasy BraPhoto courtesy of Victorias Secret

The most expensive Fantasy Bra was however created in the year 2000 the “Red Hot Fantasy Bra” which was worn by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and which was estimated to cost an amazing $15,000,000.

Now that’s a pricey bra and underwear! Over 1,300 gems including Thai rubies and diamonds were adorned on this bra, so no wonder its high price. It seems that the high value of the bra, earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

To continue the tradition the Victoria’s Secret 2020 Diamond Fantasy Bra has been created and this bra is created with the help of 2,000 glittery diamonds. The estimated price of the bra is $2,5 million and it is highly impressive.

The lucky model who will be wearing this years Fantasy Bra is Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since the year 2000. The bra is absolutely stupendous and we can’t wait until it is presented on November 30th.