Best Homemade Beauty Tips For Summer

Summers are a problem for all lovely ladies who mostly worry about going out under the sun and getting their skin tanned. Heat, humidity and the blazing sun gives us all the reason to be completely upset, but being a little tricky and working it out the right way could help you get prepared for the upcoming season.

homemade beauty tips for summer

Homemade Beauty Tips For Summer:

By the following are homemade beauty tips for summer season.

1. Face Beauty Tip For Summer:

Going natural at the beginning for the face would be the right decision. First of all to remove the tan on your skin you need to mix a cup of oat meal with milk and boil it. After it is cooled down apply it on your skin tans and dead cells would wash away quickly.

dull skin

Natural face packs made at home are best remedies to keep your face rejuvenated under this irritating sweat and it also gives your skin a charming effect. You could use aloe vera gel, cucumber juices, mixture of sandal and curd, tomato juice, etc. You should find out the apt SPF you need for your skin and get a good sunscreen lotion which would let makeup settle after it is absorbed. Put compact over the sunscreen that would help your face stay away from the sweat.

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2. Arms And Legs Beauty Tip For Summer:

arms and legs

If you are planning to keep your arms and legs bare, when you go out, then it is very important to pick on a good body sunscreen and that should definitely have body butter so that your skin is kept moisturized. Yours hand and legs are more prone to getting tanned so prevent it rather than going for harmful tanning treatments.

3. Eyes Beauty Tip For Summer:

Eye colors could go a little light during summers. You should try out on waterproof kohl kajal, the best of colors would be jade and turquoise. Apply it on the outer half of both the lids of top and bottom. To get more creative you could smudge it into the lashes with cotton which would give you a watercolor effect. A lot of mascara always helps you to look more beautiful even with minimal makeup. Try and use waterproof mascara which lasts long. This is the best homemade beauty tips for summer.

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4. Lips Beauty Tip For Summer:

Choose bright and sheer glosses for coloring your lips. Sometimes at home or at work we are under the air condition which dries up our lips and for that you can buy hydrating lip balms which would not only cure your lip problem but also give you a juicy effect. If you want a long lasting lip makeup then first outline your lips with a lip pencil and then fill it up with your wished color. For pouty lips, apply a color from one end to the other and then put lip balm in the middle and spread it by pressing both the lips together.

5. Hair Care Beauty Tip For Summer:

Summer hair care

Hair care is equally important in summer as it is in winters. You must keep your hair conditioned for at least two times a week so that it is kept aloof from sweat and dirt. Keep your hair moisturized with regular hair massage and proper shampooing. This could reduce your fall.  Messy bun is the best hair style for summers. Apply serum and roll up your hair neatly, this would protect your hair from the sweat of the neck and shoulders.

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6. Diet Beauty Tip For Summer:

We do not change our diet with seasons, but of course there are things to do and things not to. You should most importantly consume a lot of water in summers. Avoid cold water as they are harmful and fattening. Keep away from chilly and oily food and try to keep it light. Have fruits with water contents. Eat healthy and nutritious and don’t strain much. It is one of the natural beauty tips for summer.

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