Dulhan Mehandi Designs – Our Best 9 With Pictures

Mehndi occupy a huge vital role in our indian culture. No one can imagine any wedding or any other festival and function without mehandi. The dulhan decorates their hands and legs with beautiful mehndi designs. Not only dulhan, her friends and relatives also celebrate and flaunt the mehandi designs.

Dulhan mehndi design

The new glow of a newlywed, her warm presence amongst her new house inmates, the excitement and vibrancy surrounding her, the attire of a new shy Indian bride, the dulhan, is a mesmerizing in its own. Her sweet aroma her soft words all indicate elegance. As she sits amongst her friends, one can see her pretty soft hands embroidered by some tribal art form engulfing her entire hand. It is at such moments do we realize the neatness of the body art and today in this article we bring to you some of these best dulhan mehndi designs with images for wedding season.

Best Dulhan Mehandi Designs With Images:

1. Rajasthan Special Dulhan Mehandi Design:

Rajasthan special

Ever been to a Rajasthani wedding and been awed by the flawless covering of the hands from the shoulder top to the finger tips? Extravagance comes in different packages. While some uses complication others use body space to cover her hands with designs such as this sun mehndi design with floral patterns and sparkling gems glued to it. This design also favors the heavy Indian wedding jewelry.

2. Patterned Dulhan Mehndi Designs:

Patterned mehndi

Now here is extravagance in design where the artist skillfully has crossed every hurdle into creating this wonderful art work intricately done to precision with every pattern clearly entangling itself with its neighbor. The palms showcase a floral pattern with the ends tugging into the fore arms with a patterned look.

3. Colored Splash Dulhan Mehendi Design:

Colored splash

Weddings especially Indians, are vivacious and life filled and to depict the same attitude onto the attire, the bride is vibrantly dressed to the best with the most epic body art designs just like this one. Colors are a main part of a pompous wedding and so use colors on your body art mixed with body gems. In this mehndi design the floral pattern on the centre conceals a humble flower with the fingers crowded with gems and patterns.

4. Sober Dulhan Mehendi Designs:

Sober mehndi

Even though weddings are loud and grandeur, there are often times when a low key maintenance is preferred and at those times one may take cue from this art work with is in oxidized blood red color that is dark and elegant. Keep the tangles simple yet chic as you adorn yourself in light summer colors with minimality.

5. Humble Dulhan Mehandi Design For Hands:

Humble bride

Mehndi is such an art form that can be made loud and soft. It can be burning hot and chilling ice and that is why this mehndi art brings to you the humblest elegant mehndi design. The finger tips as per tradition are colored while the rest is done in a perforated fashion in such a way that the skin complexion augments the fresh blood red. Amongst floral there are patterned clouds and designs.

6. The Red Hot Dulhan Mehandi Designs:

The red hot bride

Red is the color of lust, red is the color of love and red is the color of an Indian wedding. Apart from the heavy red designed lace filled saree, the other redness is seen exuberant in other forms like this mehndi with soft humble patterns making their way in an organized manner.

7. The Criss Cross Dulhan Mehndi Design For Legs:

criss cross mehandi

Mehndi is not only limited to the palms but also to the feet and its above portions and here to bring a great example is this picture with spiral crisscross roads crawling their way up the crown at the top. It also contains half peacock patterns with floral and patterned trails down the fingers.

8. Full Hand Dulhan Mehndi Designs:

Unique mehndi

Here’s a unique mehndi design for full hands to make your eyes stupefy. This one contains simple yet a hard dream come true with precise partings amongst one another. This type of mehandi patterns mostly contain the usual heavy mehndi art.

9. Golden Matte Dulhan Design:

Golden matte mehandi

This is yet another colored mehndi design with soft golden matte color with soft dark chocolate brown color. The palm is filled with different flower shapes surrounded by small and cute love symbols which are extended to finger tips. Most of the south Indian brides like this type of mehendi arts.