Eco Savvy Skin Care Tips

Eco Savvy Skin Care Tips

All our activities have an impact on environment and the concern about our personal carbon footprint are beginning to become more visible in every area of our life, including beauty and skin care. Fortunately for green conscious women there are a great deal of alternatives that can be used immediately and with good results. Some of the following ideas are great for starters:

Try multi-taskers Reducing is the first rule in the now ultra popular mantra of the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. That’s why those embracing a more sustainable lifestyle should try to think about efficiency before anything else. Going all natural might prove to be an expensive process yet getting time-saving multi-tasking products that will minimize plastic waste.

Eco Savvy Skin Care Tips

Sticking to a beauty company that doesn’t test on animals is also a good idea, especially if you are concerned about cruelty in the beauty industry. If you are feeling really ambitious, try to stick to skin care essentials only and eliminate the rest.

Become your own beauty expert There are literally tons of natural beauty recipes on the internet that range from your basic two-ingredient body scrub or facial masks to more complicated beauty treatments you always wanted to try. In the case of facial masks for example, you will not only get an inexpensive pampering session in your own home, you will also get to help reduce food waste, saving money in more than one area.

Focus on prevention Prevention is one of the best ways to get satisfactory results at a low cost in any area, including skin care. Simple preventive measures such as not smoking, using sunscreen and moisturizer daily and having a varied diet paired with adequate amounts of exercises are some of the best types of investments you can make against early aging signs that can prove to be a drain on your pocket.

Stay away from exotic treatments Every once in a while a fad beauty trend involving exotic ingredients and becomes a huge trend despite the complete lack of evidence in terms of effectiveness and even safety. Steer clear of weird or just plain weird beauty treatments and focus your attention towards products that have proven their effectiveness over time and are reasonably priced.

Eco Savvy Skin Care Tips

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