Enhance Your Tan With Make-up

Enhance Your Tan With Make-up

Make-up can be used not only to hide and enhance certain facial features, it can also be used to enhance a tan. Tanned skin looks great and has a certain slimming effect. It can hide certain skin problems and can help to dry out pimples. You can get a tan by exposing yourself to the sun or you can get a sunless tan by tanning at a tanning salon. Either way you skin will look great and the results will be similar.

In order to enhance your tan using make-up you need to choose the right colors of make-up. Certain colors can really make the skin glow and radiate while others can make it look dull. For the eyes it is best to use warm shimmery colors like pink, purple, blue, gold, lilac. These colors look great on tan skin making it appear more intense and glowing. Wear a combo of these colors to make your make-up look more sophisticated and fun. Use a dark brown eyeliner to define and enhance your eyes. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Your eyes will look great and really pop with your tan.

For the cheeks you can use a matte bronzer. This will allow you to accentuate your tan and contour your cheekbones. You can also play with shimmer around your cheekbones and temples. Blend a little bit of shimmer with your face cream or foundation or just apply the shimmer using a brush in the desired areas. Shimmer helps enhance the tan and gives it a certain radiant glow.

Enhance Your Tan With Make-up Enhance Your Tan With Make-up Enhance Your Tan With Make-up

As far as the lips go you should stay simple or go extravagant. Wear plain sheer lip gloss over your lips or go for bold vivid colors like hot pink or fire red. Either way your tan will stand out due to the glossiness or color of the lipstick.

To enhance the tan on the rest of your skin you could try to turn to the help of baby oil. Oily looking skin enhances the tan making it more obvious. You can use baby oil especially on the legs because it will look great. Water your hands and place your wet hands on your legs to get them a little bit wet. Apply a little bit of baby oil between the palms of your hands, rub them together and then gently spread the oil on your legs. Make sure you caver all the surface and blend it well. The water will help the oil penetrate and hydrate the skin better.

You can also use shimmering body lotion on your skin to enhance your tan because shimmer and tan looks great. Your skin will radiate beauty and your tan will be emphasized just by using a few make-up tricks.

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