How to Choose and Wear Blush

How to Choose and Wear Blush

The importance of blush is most of the time disregarded, because most women don’t know how to enhance their beauty. Blush is a cosmetic which is very important in make-up because it helps enhance and define the cheekbones. People have different face shapes so, for every face shape, there is a way of applying blush.

Blush, if the right color is chosen, can contribute to your sex appeal by making you look sexier and more sophisticated, no wonder it never misses from celebrities makeup. Makeup artists grant a lot of attention to blush, because they understand it’s importance. Just like any other make-up product, blush trends change. To find out how to choose and wear blush you need to:

find out your skin tone to be able to determine what shade would do you justice best. Once the right shade is determined your facial features will be enhanced and gorgeously defined

make sure you choose a product you can find easy to work with. Blushes come in powder or cream, to suit everyone’s preference. Some consider that cream blushes are easier to blend and are more obvious, while other consider powder blush is the best option for them

How to Choose and Wear Blush How to Choose and Wear Blush

to apply the blush you can use your fingers for cream blush or a fan shaped brush for the cream as well as the powder blush. It will facilitate the application process

to find out exactly where to apply the blush it is best to smile, this way your cheekbones will accentuate so you can tell where to apply the blush. Apply the blush on the part that is just outside the most accentuated part of the cheeks. Blend the color well so it gradually fades. The color of the blush shouldn’t be too obvious, all you want is to enhance your cheeks

if you want your blush to be more obvious apply it over your foundation and blend it well, but if you wish for a subtle look, apply the blush under your foundation. The thicker the foundation layer the more subtle the blushes result will be

Blush helps create an innocent look, a look which is most definitely attractive, so choose the right shade of blush for you. Try to make it a habit of including blush in your make-up routine and you will look dazzling.


apply a little bit of shimmering powder over the blush if you wish to have a more illuminating and glamorous effect.

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