How to Deal with a Pimple on Lip Line

How to Deal with a Pimple on Lip Line

Dermatologists claim that pimples usually appear on the part of the lips where they meet the skin of your face. Moreover, specialists add that they resemble other types of acne, thus they can be treated using different acne remedies.

How to Treat a Lip Pimple: Determine the Cause

The first step in learning how to treat a lip pimple is to determine its cause. Sometimes, your lip gloss or balm can be the cause of this skin issue, as they can end up clogging the pores of the skin that surrounds your lips. That’s why it would be best if you focused on products that have panthenol or olive oil among their ingredients. These can keep your lips hydrated and soft all day long and can prevent clogged pores.

Cure Lip Pimples: Exfoliation

Lip exfoliation plays an important role in curing pimples in this delicate spot. That being said, you should take a toothbrush you don’t use anymore and clean it. Once you finish, start exfoliating your lips. This will help you remove dead skin cells and will leave your lips looking healthier than before. It’s also recommended to repeat this action on a daily basis if you want to get the best results. Your lips will look softer and you’ll soon kiss lip pimples goodbye.

How to Deal with a Pimple on Lip Line

Good Treatment for Pimples on Lip Line: Benzoyl Peroxide

According to many users, benzoyl peroxide is a good treatment for pimples on lip line. You should opt for a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide lotion that should be applied on the affected area. Be careful though, as this product shouldn’t get in contact with the lip tissue. This remedy can help cleanse your skin and ultimately remove those unaesthetic pimples on lip line.

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Great Remedy for Pimples on Lip: Salicylic Acid

Don’t hesitate to choose a non-comedogenic cleanser with salicylic acid, because this can also be a great remedy for pimples on lip. You should apply this product both in the morning and in the evening and then rinse it off with cool water. This type of cleanser will gently remove skin impurities and restore your skin’s healthy aspect.

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