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How to Hide Bang Disasters

How to Hide Bang Disasters

By trimming your own bangs or hair in general you’ll be able to save some pennies and even effort. However it might not turn out to be the best idea if you’re not skilled enough. In certain cases the proper hair styling process might turn out to be a disaster, then what should you do?

However there’s no reason to promise yourself to keep away from any scissors when there are so many wise tricks that can save your hairdo. Read the following ideas on how to hide bangs disasters to sport a stylish hairstyle until the precious strands reach the ideal length.

Style Like You Mean It

Baby bangs are extremely voguish nowadays however if you dreamed of XXL bangs you might be disappointed by the Lilliputian strands. The best way to solve the problem is to look for the options. One of the most fun ideas is to make the disaster look as if it was intended.Then you’ll sport your bangs with huge confidence.

How to Hide Bang Disasters

To create the natural look ask somebody to use a styling scissor and notch the tips in different spots. Make it funky and you can even shorten it at one side to pull off a dazzling asymmetrical hairstyle.

Use a drop of gel or some shaping wax to brush it to the sides. You can either leave it straight or twist it, the point is to mask the little flaw.

This will also create a fab effect as if you chose to cut your bangs this short. The styling lotions will make the tresses smoother which will also add some length to the bangs.

Blow Drying Trick

The proper blow drying can do magic with your hairstyle. Bangs if dried with a sleeking technique and from above heading down can gain more length.

You’ll be able to fake longer strands if you avoid the full bangs effect. With the help of a straightener you’ll be able to mask the wrong cut. You can also opt for the side-swept design. This is one of the ancient tricks to camouflage an unfortunate trimming. This way you’ll rather hide the tresses blending them into your other locks rather than exposing it to the public.

Pin Bangs Up

Another trick that can be applied in this case is to pin up or to the side the tiny tresses. If you didn’t cut the bangs so severely you’ll be able to use a nice and glam hairpin or other hair accessory and pin it up into an oh-so-fab mini-quiff.

This hairstyle is extremely popular this season. Test your limits with trying out more and more of these hairstyles. Choose either a side parting or teasing to bring the best out of your look. You can also leave your hair free flowing if you have some longer strands in the back and you just comb them to the front carefully hiding the short tresses.

This is one of the easiest tricks in hair styling. Moreover if you manage to sport some ultra-popular bang braided hairstyle you might be surprised how stylish you’ll look.

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