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How to Remove a Tan

How to Remove a Tan

Tanning is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and to make certain flaws that make you self conscious less visible. However getting the perfect tan is not always an easy task and we might encounter several problems in the process that might make us regret our decision. Whether we are talking about getting an orange fake tan or over tanned skin we quickly end up wanting nothing more than than to get rid of the unsightly shade we acquired. While time can solve this problem on its own we can also speed up the process through a variety of methods. Here are a few tips on getting rid of a tan faster: How to Remove a Tan

Getting rid of a sun tan can be quite difficult. However, if you do some of the things that are contrary to preserving a tan such as using a granular exfoliator regularly and you avoid further sun exposure while using a sunscreen with a higher SPF than you would normally use, your tan will begin to fade more rapidly. In addition to these measures a few home remedies might be useful for getting you closer to your goal.

A mixture of yogurt and lemon juice applied on the problematic spots for about 15 minutes before taking a shower can be a good way to lighten the color of your skin. Lemon juice is a veritable natural bleaching agent so it works really well when it comes to lightening the color of your skin. Alternatively a paste made with yogurt, honey and turmeric can have a similar effect. Leave this paste on the problem areas for twenty minutes than rinse with lukewarm water.

If you would rather use single ingredient instead of a paste, cucumber juice can be a good alternative for your face and neck. If you have problems with redness caused by sun expose, you can soothe the skin using a mixture of honey and cucumber juice. Cucumber slices can be applied on the rest of the body for a similar effect. The key with these natural home remedy is consistence. Make sure to apply these natural remedies on a regular basis to be able to see gradual improvements.

If the nasty tan is the result of improper use of self tanner you should have a different approach depending on the areas that need to be corrected. For example the face and the neck area is not a highly problematic zone due the fact that the color tends to fade faster compared to other areas.

On the other hand, larger areas such as the torso, the arms or the legs can be a bigger source of frustration. However there is a quite simple and safe method you can use for these areas. Baby oil is a perfect product to tackle this problem as its ingredients help break down the dye used in most self tanners.

Applying baby oil before a bath is a safe and smart way to fix a less than perfect tan. To speed up the process even more you can add ¼ cup of Epsom salt in the hot tub before jumping in to enhance the color fading you already acquired. The salty water will act as an exfoliator. Use a washcloth to accelerate the process even more but make sure to use gentle movements to prevent skin irritations.

How to Remove a Tan

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