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Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser diet is a balanced and nutritionally sound diet that’s proven to be very effective in helping overweight people get down to a healthier weight. But is it the best choice for dropping just a few pounds? Check out the pros and cons of the Biggest Loser diet and decide for yourself.

You can choose from multiple books written by the show’s nutritionists and former contestants, but the most popular include “The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!” and “The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You: Lose Weight and Get Healthy For Life!”. 

All the book will help you get the basics of the Biggest Loser diet pyramid and help you start your new lifestyle.

Pros of the Biggest Loser Diet

A balanced diet, similar to the Volumetrics diet and Mayo Clinic diet, the weight loss plan includes plenty of health benefits, including sustainable weight loss. You won’t need any supplements on this diet, and there are no foods completely forbidden.

Fast Results

One of the biggest pros of the Biggest Loser diet is that it can deliver short term results, especially if you have a lot of weight you want to get rid of. The 30-Day Jump Start can make a big difference, but for sustainable weight loss, the 6 weeks plan is even better.

Healthy in the Long Run

Nutritionally sound, the Biggest Loser diet is heart-healthy and can also help prevent and control diabetes. Since it also places a lot of important on exercise, this diet plan is actually a healthy lifestyle that can also reduce the risk of cancer.

Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

No Major Restrictions

If you’re not a fan of diets that write off entire food groups, you’ll be glad to know that one of the pros of the Biggest Loser diet is the fact that nothing is completely off limits. The guidelines in all the Biggest Loser diet books advise you to keep treats like desserts and alcohol to under 200 calories per day.

High Convenience

After you get used to the Biggest Loser diet pyramid, you won’t run into a lot of trouble when you want to eat out, so the weight loss plan can be convenient. However, you’ll still have to do some cooking yourself.

Plenty of Recipes and Resources

Besides the main books, you can also purchase recipe books, but one of the biggest pros of the Biggest Loser diet is the fact that you can also find plenty of recipes online, without any membership fees to a single site.

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Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

Making some big changes in both your diet and exercise routine at the same time may prove difficult, and you may be disappointed when you don’t see very quick results. You also need to count calories and your grocery bills may increase.

May Be Difficult to Follow

Flexibility is a plus for many dieters, but for others it’s also one of the cons of the Biggest Loser diet. Sticking to a calorie ceiling can be complicated for some, especially when you also have exercise to worry about.

Pros and Cons of the Biggest Loser Diet

Exercise Is a Must

With a guideline of at least 2 and a half hour of moderate intensity activity every week and muscle-strengthening exercise on top of that, the Biggest Loser diet wants to keep you moving. You can choose from a wide range of activities, from resistance training to pilates.

Results Aren’t as Dramatic as on TV

One of the most obvious cons of the Biggest Loser diet is that the dieters who participate in the show are a lot more motivated than viewers. They also get access to experts who advise and encourage them, along with a biz prize as an incentive. You’re less likely to experience the same dramatic results at home.

You’ll Have to Count Calories

Since you’re supposed to pay attention to calories, especially when it comes to treats, you’ll have to do quite a lot of math on this diet, which isn’t something every dieter is keen on doing.

Can Get Expensive

While each book will set you back around $16, one of the cons of the Biggest Loser diet is that you’ll end up spending more on groceries, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, along with fish and whole grains.

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