Makeup Tips for Redheads

Makeup Tips for Redheads

Redheads are generally considered mysterious and feminine but being a redhead wasn’t too easy especially in the past. Nowadays its a real gift, emphasizing your strengths can be a real fun – here are some makeup tips to get the most out of your eye and hair color.


When applying foundation the aim is not to alter your skin tone, but to even it out and get a smooth canvas. Opt for shades that are very close – if not the same – to your natural skin tone. Try to stay away from shades with pink undertones, since your red hair already adds warmth to your face – instead opt for beige hues and yellow undertones.

Makeup Tips for Redheads

Don’t try to hide your freckles, these are your signature features – instead, let them peek through under a sheer creamy foundation or even a tinted moisturizer if you don’t need heavy coverage.

Use a concealer (green-based concealer) if needed to hide blemishes, spots or under eye circles. Then set the face makeup with powder.


When choosing a blush opt for coral and peachy shades if your skin is fair, while darker skin-toned redheads can use also raisin colors.

Experiment with different formulas until you find what will work for you (cream, pressed, mineral, mousse or liquid blushers).

Makeup Tips for Redheads


When selecting eye shadows you have just as many options as blondes or brunettes have. Neutral and earth tones, especially greens look great on you, but you can also wear plum, blue, pinks, taupes, violets, moss greens, hazels, golds and bronzes. Black might look too harsh on you, so red-brown or brown mascaras and eyeliners are the best.


Coral, peach and pink tones will look great on all redheads, but they can also experiment with red dramatic lips – opt for red lipsticks that are orange-based rather than blue-based. Your hair color radiates warmth, try to keep up this effect with your makeup too.

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