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One Direction Launches ‘Our Moment’ Fragrance

One Direction Launches ‘Our Moment’ Fragrance

Our Moment, by One Direction is the first fragrance launched by the ultra popular band and it’s named after a song from the boys’ first album “Up All Night”. The One Direction debut scent is the result of over one year’s effort in collaboration with fragrance company Firmenich. If you’re wondering how exactly the members have managed to agree on the defining scent, Liam Payne revealed the secret.

He spilled the beans on the defining allure of the new scent as he told WWD that: “It’s not too strong and it’s quite sweet and subtle, rather than it being a bit more in your face. Too strong is not what any of us are into.” Louis Tomlinson added that there weren’t major disagreements in regards to the scent:’“We’re all, like, into the same sort of thing. It was actually easy in that respect. The people we were working with were a great help. They were, like, making really good stuff, and we were, like, ‘That’s great!’ They gave us what we wanted.” Well, it seems that the name One Direction was accurately chosen indeed.

One Direction Launches ‘Our Moment’ Fragrance

The first One Direction scent, Our Moment sure sounds promising, but does it actually live up to the hype? While only a sniff test can truly reveal that, knowing more about the definitely notes of the new One Direction Our Moment perfume is definitely a great starting point. A fruity floral scent, the fragrance opens up with pink grapefruit, wild berries and red currants. A heart of jasmine, freesia and frangipani adds complexity to the scent while a base of creamy musk, sheer woods and white patchouli completes the new scent.

The band obviously hopes the fans will enjoy the new scent, but there’s one thing band member worries about: “I hope it’s not one of those things they throw on stage, because those are going to hurt. Someone threw a box at me once and it hit me [on the arm], and I was thinking, ‘What if that just hit me in the face?’” Liam Payne stated.

So when will devoted brand fans have the chance to acquire the One Direction Our Moment perfume? Well, the scent is scheduled to release on August 25 in UK and Harrods, followed by U.K.-wide rollout starting with September 9. In the US, distribution will be ensured by Elisabeth Arden, the date is not yet certain. Still, the company hopes to be able to launch it on the same date as in UK. The new scent will come in three versions: 30-ml bottle, a 50-ml size and a 100-ml version.

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Photos: Getty Images, WWD

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