Grammys 2020 Makeup: Best Celebrity Looks

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Best Celebrity Looks

The best Grammys 2020 makeup looks were obviously worn by the most en vogue celebrities of the moment, celebs that have been labeled on numerous occasions as being style and beauty icons. When it comes to hair, fashion and makeup inspiration, these celebrities are definitely the ones to turn towards. Known for their unique style, these divas have managed to choose a distinct makeup looks for the 2020 Grammy Awards and the best part is, you’ll be able to pull off all of these Grammys 2020 makeup looks as they can be adjusted to all eye shapes and all skin tones!

So, start with any of the following celebrity makeup styles and prepare to make heads turn!

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Rihanna’s Sexy Matte Red Lips

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Best Celebrity Looks

The honey that made camera flashes light up the red carpet with her top-to-toe perfection was Rihanna. The Barbadian goddess chose to color-coordinate her lips with the color of her red, ultra-sophisticated gown and the result: glamor overload! The look: a matte, impeccable complexion enhanced through a matte pigmented lip color and subtly defined eyes.

Maintaining a balance is the key to success when it comes to this type of makeup and you can do this by keeping the eyes low-key using natural brown-beige eyeshadows softly distributed on the mobile lid. Then black eyeliner smudged across the waterline and a waterproof eyeliner flawlessly traced from the inner, towards the outer corner with a flick is extended upwards to create a sexy cat-eye look! Finishing the makeup are lashings of mascara and a touch of blush that accentuates the cheeks to underline the features!

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Katy Perry’s Earthy Makeup

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Best Celebrity Looks

Soft, natural and versatile, Katy Perry’s Grammy 2020 makeup choice definitely took everyone by surprise as clean and simple is not the singer’s trademark style. However, the choice was brilliant as these colors complimented her complexion as well as attire, so if you’re searching for a natural, day to evening perfect makeup look, Katy Perry’s earth tone makeup is a perfect source of inspiration. The singer opted for products with a matte finish, from her foundation to her neutral lipstick.

Heavier accents placed on the eyes gave the makeup a more glamorous vibe through the use of a light neutral and a medium brown eyeshadow, a kohl eyeliner and heavy lashings of mascara. For the waterline, a white eyeliner pencil was used which had an eye-opening effect that balanced the look while infusing a timeless chicness in that cannot be overlooked!

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Carrie Underwood’s Smokey Eyes

Grammys 2020 Makeup: Best Celebrity Looks

What gives this particular Grammys 2020 makeup look a bit of an edgy, mysterious yet sexy allure is the harsh dark pigmentation used for the eyelids contrasting against the neutral pigments used to enhance the rest of the features. Carrie Underwood is known for her feminine, seductive and good taste in makeup, so taking cue from her smokey eye makeup can only bring benefits. Start by concealing imperfections and applying a primer on your lids over which you’ll gently start to build up a black matte eyeshadow. Blend the edges to create a fading effect and add a bit of brown as you work your way along the lower lashes using the help of an angled brush dipped in pigment.

Intensify the look by smudging a black eyeliner pencil on the waterline and coating both upper and lower lashes with a lengthening and volumizing black mascara. Now, to avoid looking grungy or gothic, use a pale nude-pink lip color and blush, shades that will tone down the harshness of the eye makeup and make it look sexy and seductive just like Carrie’s Grammys 2020 makeup look!

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