Permed Hair Maintenance Tips

Permed Hair Maintenance Tips

Perming your hair allows you to to get awe inspiring curly hairstyles without the daily struggle of using curling irons or hot rollers to get the look you want. To understand how to care for your permed locks properly we must first take a look at what happens during the perming process. Basically, during the perming process a substance is used to break down the hair bonds that make your tresses lay flat after they dry. If all the steps of the process are performed correctly, this substance will allow you to enjoy your curls effortlessly for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Permed Hair Maintenance Tips

Assessing the health of your hair is a critical step to ensure that you will not regret your decision in the end. Another critical aspects you should take into account are the fact that you should make your that your tresses any styling products residues and that the chemicals that cause your hair to curl might lighten your hair color. If the process goes well you will need to keep in mid some of the following maintenance tips to enjoy your newly acquired curls without damaging your hair in the process:

First of all, in order to keep your curls intact you will have to remember the basic rule of perming: to avoid washing your tresses for 24 to 48 hours after the perming session. It is best to ask your hair stylist what is the recommended amount of time for your particular hair type as the recommendations tend to vary.

When you do wash your hair it is recommended to do it with a shampoo that has a special formula for perm treated hair. The same thing goes for the conditioner you use. These type of products will help maintain the right moisture ratio for your hair. What’s more, you might even lose some of your curls if you use your regular shampoo.

Preventing frizz greatly depends on the way you are going to dry your hair after you washed it. Bloating the hair with a towel instead of rubbing will prevent a great deal of problems as it will not place additional strain on the hair. Because your hair is already depleted of moisture, blow drying your hair will also be quite challenging for your tresses.

Permed Hair Maintenance Tips

If air drying is not an option use a diffuser to speed up the styling routine. In this case you will benefit from using a thermal protection spray. A leave in conditioner can also act as thermal protection protection spray. Brushing your hair is another ritual you should be careful about. You should always use a wide toothed comb trying limit brushing as much as possible and try to style your tresses using your fingers.

Atmospheric conditions can influence your curls in a negative way. Humidity and wind are the main enemies of your tresses and they can even make you lose some of your curls. Applying gel or styling mousse can help you deal with this problem effectively. Using a water based gel is a good idea as it will minimize the chances of getting sticky hair.

Avoiding alcohol based hairsprays is also recommended due to the fact that it will dry your tresses even more. An anti frizz serum is a must have product you should purchase right after getting your hair permed. An easy trick to avoid frizz and tangling is to sleep on satin pillow as it will help keep your curls intact.

Another useful idea is to moisturize your hair on a weekly basis using hot oil treatments that will add moisture and nourish your tresses Jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil are all great choices but if you are struggling with frizz almond oil is the best oil you can use on your tresses. During the fall and winter seasons this ritual becomes essential, as the seasonal changes affect the structure of your curls decisively during these times. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to look gorgeous with permed tresses without damaging your hair for months to come.

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