Simple Steps for Smoky Eyes Effect

Simple Steps for Smoky Eyes Effect

To make your Smokey eye effect at home seems impossible … right? Wrong!Just follow these simple steps:

– apply gray or brown eye shadow along with a little glitter just above the upper lash line to just above the crease of the eyes.

– first cover your eyelids with application shimmery eye shadow.

– sweep the black matte eye shadow from inside to half way towards the outside of the eye below the eye crease.

– smudge a line of black eye shadow across the top lash line, extending it a little on the outer corners.

– now it’s time to add white eye shadow just below the brow and the inner corner of your eyes. After that you should line the lower lash line with the eye shadow by moving your brush from outside of the eye to the middle of the eyes.

– finally apply the mascara and your Smokey eye effect is done.In only 15 minutes, from a quiet little girl, you can change into a sensual and stylish woman!

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