Top 9 Fringe Hairstyles for Long Hair 2020

There are various forms of fringe cuts that can be done from reputed and branded parlours which are known to give professional party looks. Therefore people who do not like excessive products on regular basis, they usually like these types of looks because these fringe hairstyles for long hair are less maintenance. Even if a person does not wash or cleanse on a regular basis, these can still be sported with ease.

fringe hairstyles for long hair

Best Fringe Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Below are the top 9 types of fringe hair styles for long hair that a person should definitely try out.

1. Asian Party Look Long Fringe Bangs:

Asian Party Look Long Fringe Bangs

This is similar to Asian patterns which is quite stylish if a person has frontal sections which are thick. These can be brushed down from the top back and towards the forehead. These are easy to style and also quite easily sport on a regular basis for colleges and also for day out with friends. If the summer warm weather is going to make a person sweat, then these can be made into a conch shell and clipped to the back. This will give a more glamorous look.

2. The Wisped Casual Look Side Fringe:

The Wisped Casual Look Side Fringe

This is good for people who have waved section they can go for a smoothening. This will make the sections more manageable and these will last till these grow out. These are quite good. A person can do this as a temporary thing as well. Some blowing will give it heat and air which can make it more puffed and wisped.

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3. The Thick Asian Look Long Side Fringe:

The Thick Asian Look Long Side Fringe

This is another popular and quite common Asian style. This can be sport on a regular basis and this does not require excessive styling. The shaping should be done from a good parlour and then these can be re created easily without much product usage. This is also quite shiny and lustrous if shine serums are used.

4. Sectioned Girly Look:

fringe hairstyles for long hair 4

If the frontal sections are kept long and also the sections at the sides, these can be give some mousse and then made into sectional view. These can also be given funked colouring which can make it good for parties and also for other day out times with friends.

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5. Rolled Party Look Long Layered Hair Fringe:

Rolled Party Look Long Layered Hair Fringe

This is a party type look which can be done with the help of Velcro. These are easy to style and also these can make a person look glamorous. These are also good for girl night parties or to wear for discos. These can be worn with party get ups.

6. The Celebrity Look Full Fringe:

The Celebrity Look Full Fringe

This is quite celeb type look. This is done with a full volume. If the volume is less, then the person can use blowing and also heat to increase the puffed fell. This can be worn for parties easily.

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7. The College Casual Look Long Bob:

The College Casual Look Long Bob

This is a look which is quite similar asymmetric in a slight pattern and good for sporting regularly for colleges. It is also good for those who likes it moderate in length. It is also stylish to sport with dark eyes and nude lips.

8. The Stylish Bun:

fringe hairstyles for long hair8

This is for those who likes to sport or likes to keep the back sweat free. They can do this at the back. Wearing long earrings with this can look quite showy. The sections at the sides can be kept loose.

9. The Curled Fringes:

fringe hairstyles for long hair9

These hair dos are quite stylish and easy to re create. Therefore these become easy to sport for parties and also for regular wear for colleges and other girl night parties.

If you have long hair then you are really lucky to try these Fringe hairstyles. You can use these nine fringe hairstyles not only on parties but also make them on daily.

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