Top 9 Pixie Hairstyles For Round Faces

A pixie is the cutest short haircut ever. It portrays your fun-loving and young nature. It does not need much maintenance and can be easily styled. There are numerous ways to style a pixie. But one thing is common in all of them, that is, all the styles will make you look gorgeous. Women with round faces can also wear the pixie. If you have a round face then you should check out the list below for the best pixie haircuts right now.

Best and Beautiful Pixie Hairstyles For Round Faces:

1. Mischievous Elf:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 1

This is the most adorable pixie haircut at this moment. Here the hair looks very neat and it reveals your face wide open. Women with cute faces can sport this cut easily. Here, a portion of the hair falls on the forehead and partially covers it. You can wear this look almost anywhere.

2. Pixie With Small Bangs:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 2

In this particular look, the hair is extra short on the front. It will reveal your face and your forehead as well. You can impress other with your neat facial looks and a head full of cute short hair. If you have a round face and want very short hair then before trying anything else you should go for this look.

3. Cute Blonde Pixie:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 3

Women with blonde hair can sport this look without much hassle. The hair is asymmetrically parted and the voluminous part of the hair takes the shape of a fringe and covers the forehead. This hairstyle will look very adorable with a party dress.

4. Wet Pixie:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 4

You need a styling spray for this look. This unique pixie looks very classy on round faces. After cutting the hair in this way, all you need to do is use a styling gel or spray or wax on the hair to sustain the wet look. Then use your fingers to adjust the short hair and give it that desired sophisticated look that you always wanted.

5. Messy Pixie:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 5

This shaggy look has been exhibited by many celebrities over the years. In this hairstyle, the middle part of the hair is messed up. You can do that with the help of your hands only. The front, however, covers the forehead in a sticky manner. You need to us a suitable styling gel which will provide your hair with a firm hold.

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6. Punk Pixie:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 6

The pixie has taken a revolutionary change and has now taken this amazing punk look. There is no specific style regarding the Punk pixie. You can style it, according to your preference. In the image below the hair touches the eyebrow level and hides the ears as well. This haircut looks pretty impressive on young girls.

7. Pixie With Bangs:

arrives at the Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 24, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

This pixie is a bit longer than the previous ones. Here the front part of the hair protects the forehead from public exposure and makes this haircut look like a fringe cut hairstyle. The hairstyle looks very classy and has an old-school touch attached to it.

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8. Rounded Pixie:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 8

This haircut will texture your round face in the best way possible. Your face will look prettier with this hairstyle. The hair doesn’t lay over the forehead and permits you to impress people with our facial beauty.

9. Unity Of Form And Content:

Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces 9

The hairstyle is very popular nowadays as it was sported by none other than Miley Cyrus. It is an absolute beauty which will depict your defiant nature. The length and the color of the hair can be expanded easily.

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