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What Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

What Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

We all know what we’re supposed to be doing for our hair but it’s hard work being good all the time. Here are the most popular mistakes and how to fix them!

Not having you hair trimmed regularlyWhen you’re growing out a style or if you happen to be super busy, it can be all too easy to dodge the hairdresser’s chair for months at a time. But avoiding the salon can lead to split ends which travel up to the shaft, leaving hair looking damaged and unruly. The irony of dodging the salon chair is that if you do it for too long, you might eventually have to have far more of your hair chopped off than you would have because it will be in such bad condition.

What Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

Use products that help seal the cuticle: split ends serum or split ends capsules (they instantly mend, repair and moisturize split ends, eliminating frizziness).

Not washing your hair often enoughEveryone’s hair is different so there are no hard and fast rules as to how often wash it. Some people claim they need to wash it everyday while find that they can go three days without shampooing, particularly if they’ve had a professional blow-dry. You’ll probably find that it needs washing more often on holidays and you may also find out that the hair’s greasiness is related to your hormonal cycle. Whatever you hair’s need, smelly and greasy locks are a no-no! When you don’t have the time or energy to wash your hair, use dry shampoo. You can find a big variety of shades to suit different hair colors. Apply dry shampoo close to you roots then brush through and it will refresh your style and give it a pleasant fragrance.

Not conditioning regularlyAt 8 in the morning when you’re running late for work, it’s all to tempting to use shampoo and be done with it but neglecting the conditioner will eventually take its toll. A daily conditioner helps to detangle and add shine to the hair while an intensive conditioner used regularly will help to repair any damage and keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. Avoid either and your hair will look frizzy and damaged.If you can’t get into the habit of regularly using conditioner try leave-in conditioning spray. Just spritz onto damp hair after shampooing for a smooth finish and no tangles!

What Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

Frazzling your locksHeated appliances cause more damage to hair then any other factor so we should all be in the habit of using a heat defence spray whenever we reach for the hairdryer, flat irons or tongs. Sadly for many, using a protective styling product is too much like hard work and for them, ruined locks are just around the corner! If you can’t remember to use a protective product, limit the damage with appliances that minimize destruction. Damage defense straighteners with steam technology maintain moisture levels in the hair and promise even heat distribution.

Never changing your hairstyleWell, it’s just boring isn’t it? a new style can make you look younger, give you more confidence and cheer you up so why get stuck in a rut? If you’ve been wearing the same style for as long as you remember, it might pay to find a different stylist who will have new ideas for what you can do for your hair. Use clip-in extensions to give yourself instant new bangs, add color, extra length or just more thickness. That way you get a completely new look without commitment.

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