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What is Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup

If you consider doing a permanent makeup, but you don’t know exactly what does it mean, what are the pros and cons of a micropigmentation procedure, find out more from our article below.

Permanent makeup, or micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure of implanting color pigments into the middle layer of the skin, called dermis, in order to create a lasting cosmetic result. In fact, the procedure, that is known for more than 30 years, means tattooing the eyelids, eyebrows or the lips, depending on the areas and facial features the patient would like to improve. If your eyebrows are too sparse, your lips are too thin or you just don’t want your makeup to slip off, then permanent makeup can be a great option for you.

It is also a good solution if you don’t want to waste your time any more with trying to apply a perfect makeup. Micropigmentation is made by a certified permanent makeup specialist or aesthetician in a sterile medical office, under local anesthesia. It is a comparatively quick, 30-40 minute procedure, and you can leave right after it is done. Permanent makeup is made with a tattoo gun or a permanent makeup pen, relatively without pain. However the level of pain differ form person to person, usually patients tolerate it very well.

What is Permanent Makeup What is Permanent Makeup

After the procedure the doctor will give you antiseptics and will tell you how to take care of the treated region. Following the permanent makeup procedure, you should prepare for swelling in the area of treatment and you can have some flakiness also, which will gradually disappear. If you notice that the color of the permanent makeup is more intense than you wanted, or even seems harsh, don’t panic, it is normal in the first week following the procedure. However if you notice burns, fever, or exaggerated swelling, it is better to contact your doctor for advice.

It is a permanent makeup, but it will not last till the end of time. After a few years, due to environmental factors like excessive exposure to sunlight, or individual factors, like your own skin tone, the color pigments will fade and you may need to repeat the treatment to maintain your gorgeous look.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask for correction. If correction cannot help, maybe you would like to remove the permanent makeup. As it is a tattoo, it can be difficult to remove. Such methods are: laser treatments, dermabrasion or surgical removal. Therefore be careful to choose a skilled, professional permanent makeup specialist to realize the makeup you want. Before you decide to undergo a micropigmentation procedure it is better to think about the pros and cons in advance. Besides all the positive things and benefits mentioned above, permanent makeup procedures can have some drawbacks like allergies, the formation of scars, or infections.

If you considered all the advantages and disadvantages of having a permanent makeup, opt for a reputable medical office and an experienced specialist. Permanent cosmetics is a great new technology, providing a brilliant alternative to makeup. It can make our life more easier and can even enhance our self-confidence by creating a fabulous, long lasting look.

What is Permanent Makeup What is Permanent Makeup

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