10 Pictures of Julia Roberts without Makeup

10 Pictures of Julia Roberts without Makeup

One of the most well recognized American actresses of all time, Julia Roberts just hit 48 and still looks like the girl in Pretty Woman. She became really famous with her amazing performance in the above-mentioned movie released in the year 1990. She constantly shocks her fans with funny as well as intense performances. This Oscar-nominated actresses is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and she belongs to the legendary period or the golden age of Hollywood. Thus, when it comes to beauty, you can trust this woman with your eyes closed. When she says “what you see is what you get!”, she means. It. Let us go through some of the best Julia Roberts without makeup pictures.

1. The Toned Face:

Julia Roberts without makeup 1

Julia has gone through a number of physical transformations and to match the role, a lot of diet tortures was also made. But, in the meantime, she has maintained her natural beauty and thus this picture can be said to be one of the best-looking Julia Roberts without makeup pictures ever.

2. That Awesome laugh:

Julia Roberts without makeup 2

This picture displays the real face of Julia, as she laughs her heart out. This is arguably, one of the best Julia Roberts no makeup pictures and possibly all her fans to agree to this.

3. The Change:

Julia Roberts without makeup 3

This picture of Julia was clicked, while she was busy changing her living place. She was shifting to her new home from her old apartment and the lucky camera crew was able to bring some awesome without pictures of this beautiful woman.

4. Age Signs:

Julia Roberts without makeup 4

Julia Roberts is more than 50years old and she is one of the best looking women’s of her age, who is still able to properly maintain her natural beauty.

5. Relaxed Julia:

Julia Roberts without makeup 5

This is one of those times, when Julia was snapped without any makeup and she wasn’t irritated even though paparazzi was invading her personal face. She was sporting her totally real face and was looking quite pretty. She was busy with her normal life phase, which doesn’t last really long because of her vocation.

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6. The with and without Makeup Pictures:

Julia Roberts without makeup 6

Picture like these are like complementary nowadays, when you’re about to form a without makeup comparison. On the bottom right, is a picture is a without makeup picture of Julia and rest of the picture you can guess for yourself. After going through the picture, it can surely be said, that Julia does look quite attractive even without any makeup.

7. Woman with Glasses:

Julia Roberts without makeup 7

Like most women, Julia also looks quite adorable with glasses. But there is something different from all other women out there, that is her confidence of showing off her natural face.

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8. The Summers of ‘85:

Julia Roberts without makeup 8

This is an old snap of Julia winning a trophy. Without any more access to relevant information, one thing can surely be claimed that even at a young age Julia played the role of the pretty woman.

9. Not Just in The Movies:

Julia Roberts without makeup 9

Julia is actually the Pretty Woman, not just in the movies. This casual outfit satisfied picture of Julia was snapped while she was heading to the film studio with sunglasses on. Those did hide her seductive eyes, but did showed her alluring face.

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10. At The Grocery Store:

Julia with no makeup EXCLU _ARCHIVE X17

Julia was snapped at the grocery store showing off her totally alluring face. Along with that medium-length blonde hair, she was playing the part of the Pretty Woman her as well.

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