9 Pictures of Carrie Underwood without Makeup

As the 2020 results pooled in, a young blond girl was crowned the season four American Idol winner, a young country girl still trying to make it big in the Holly town. Carrie Underwood never knew some years from then she would be a household name across the states and beyond selling million copies and producing platinum record labels. Carrie Underwood a beauty with brains went on with her journey to become the star that she is now. Slowly she branched out to become a classified song writer and actress side by side and now she is a big icon handling multimillionaire labels. Today in this article we will determine whether her beautiful voice matches up to her makeup less self.

Carrie Underwood without Makeup Pictures:

Just a Casual Day:

carrie underwood without makeup

Sitting morose and solemn, here is the starting picture for the no makeup Carrie Underwood list. Carrie in this picture had no possible signs of professional makeup on her but yet she looked quite good for a star who busies herself with platinum album deals. Making some time out of her busy schedule, Carrie here shows how a no -makeup day cannot ruin her best look.

Old Memoirs:

carrie underwood without makeup2

Going back to the audition days, here is a treat for all the Underwood fans, where a young Carrie stood in her pink blouse making her self known to the judges. Even back in those days one would expect the youngster to evolve with Hollywood, but from the looks of it, Carrie always had that perfect glow on her face even when professional makeup routine was not a part of her daily routine.

Lazy Day Makeover:

carrie underwood without makeup3

usually one would see Carrie always dressed up to the proper ready to bring in the pump to the show but that day Carrie had let her hair down, though not literally and gone for a causal day walk in her comfy clothes. Even though no makeup was evident in her face, this stunner had a glow about her that no one could deny.

Walk Through:

carrie underwood without makeup4

clicked by one of the paparazzi’s, Carrie Underwood smiled sweetly for the camera while she walked past them. Even though she never had any professional studio makeup done on her, she looked tremendously good with herself. Her hair pretty as ever was pinned to the back and she walked past.

Beach Day:

carrie underwood without makeup5

Carrie Underwood took to the beaches for her vacation where she was snapped in her printed bikini top. Her hair was done up and tied into a messy do while she had some serious beach fun with her boyfriend. Her smooth skin and silky texture even without any touch up however, really got us awed.

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Beach Look:

Here we have yet another picture of the mesmerizing Underwood, once again set on the back drop of a beach where she might have been enjoying her vacation days. Underwood who is a fitness freak and a beautiful woman, looked mighty fine enjoying her beach day.

Gym Selfie:

carrie underwood without makeup7

We have all had those gym selfies when too much hard work was treated with a good picture. The same happened to Carrie and her fiance who took to Instagram to share their workout picture where Underwood was seen without any makeup posing beside her fiance. Even without any makeup she looked quite fit.

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The Morning Jog:

carrie underwood without makeup8

The morning jogs are a must for the fitness oriented Carrie and hence this picture of her panting through her jog as she paired her white skull tee with a cute jog short. Her hair was tied at the back and she had no makeup on her face.

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All Smiles:

carrie underwood without makeup9

Tying her hair up in a pretty braided pony, Carrie in the last to the list picture smiled unaware of this candid picture where she appears to have no makeup but yet looks stunning.