Ashley Greene for InStyle Hair Spring 2020

Ashley Greene for InStyle Hair Spring 2020

Bombshell Ashley Greene is undoubtedly one beautiful girl. Now, the actress, who plays Alice in the ‘Twilight’ movies, is featured on the cover of InStyle Hair spring 2020. For this special issue, Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend wears a Marc by Marc Jacobs gorgeous cut-out dress, showing off her glamorous, auburn locks.

Inside the magazine, you can find an interview with the ‘Twilight’ star in which the 24-year-old beauty reveals that when it comes to her personal beauty routine she’s the low maintenance type of girl who doesn’t spend too much time getting ready.

“I love having my hair and makeup done, but I’m really just a 15-minute girl, throwing everything on with no fuss,” Greene tells the magazine. “That said, I do color and change my hair all the time!”

Still, the sexy, beautiful actress confesses that her self-esteem wasn’t always that high, especially during her early teens, mainly because she was hanging out with more mature girls. “I got really self-conscious because I had older friends. I thought they were prettier, and they were going through all these life experiences before I was,” she told the magazine.

Ashley Greene for InStyle Hair Spring 2020

Ashley, who admits she wears a short, spikey wig to play Alice Cullen also speaks about the entire process of transforming from mortal to vampire. “The whole process takes about two hours. My hair is pretty thick, and we wrap it and put it under a wig. To get it to fit so I don’t like look I have an alien head is a talent in itself. The makeup is even more involved because they have to make us pale without taking away every feature.”

Besides the new installment of the famous franchise ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ set to open November 18th, Ashley will also star in a new comedy called ‘Butter’, set to be released in theaters later this year.

Speaking about friendship and her ‘Twilight’ co-stars, the actress says that, “We just filmed the fourth movie, and I think we’ve all grown up. We’re like a family. That’s not to say there weren’t disagreements. We’re working 16 hours a day! We’re exhausted! Things happen. But the nice part is that at the end of the day, it’s like yelling at your sister. You don’t stay mad at her.”

Photos by John Akehurste for InStyle