Audrina Patridge Stalker Sentenced to Prison

Audrina Patridge Stalker Sentenced to Prison

Audrina Patridge Stalker Sentenced to Prison

It seems that some celebrities do live certain horror movie scenes in real life as Audrina Patridge proves. Audrin Patridge, the well known celebrity from the reality show “The Hills” had a stalker, which apparently was sentenced to prison.

The stalker, Zachary Loring, seems to be bothering Audrina for quite some time as last year she decided to get a restraining order against Loring after he has created some scary drawings one of which contained a sketch of a woman being hanged. Loring was filed a restraining order which prevented him to getting close to Audrina but it seems his admiration/love/whatever feelings he might have were too much to keep him far from Audrina. Thus he decided to visit Audrina at her home in February 2020 where he got arrested after Audrina reportedly called 911 after banging the door and ringing the doorbell several times.

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At the trial which took place in February, Zachary had quite a behavior as he decided to show the finger to everyone in the court as well as made other obscene gestures.

Now, according to TMZ, Audrina Patridge stalker was sentenced to two years in prison, but due to the time he has already served in prison, it seems that Zachary Loring could be released in a few months. Audrina’s stalker’s sentence might be reduced as he was given credit for good behavior as well as days spent in custody which add to about 546 days.

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This could lead to Loring’s liberation from prison sometime next year. This might come as a shocker to Audrina, as she reportedly felt worried for her well being. However, even after Loring’s release the restraining order filed prevents Loring to come any closer than 500 yards away from Audrina for the next 10 years. Hopefully he will respect the courts order and Audrina’s wish to stay away from her!