Britney Spears New Album Release Date Set

Britney Spears New Album Release Date Set

Those who thought the difficulties Britney Spears went through will put an end to her career were definitely wrong. The pop princes is releasing her seventh album this spring and it seems like the her initiative is sparking just as much interest as it did back in the days. Her manager was quick to anticipate the news her fans were undoubtedly waiting for.

Adam Leber, said via Twitter and Facebook that “the announcement you’ve all been waiting for is coming today.” Later on, the diva herself managed to announce via Twitter on her birthday that her latest album is almost done:

“I’m almost done with my new album and it will be coming out this March. I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!” Britney Spears New Album Release Date Set

Leaving the diva’s ‘modesty’ aside, the announcement was certainly an exciting news for all her fans who were hoping that their idol will regain her popularity and impress the world with her talent once again.

Set to appear on the 15th of March in stores and download sites, the album, produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, doesn’t have a name yet. However, the marketing campaign is certainly a strong one, as the album is already becoming known thanks to her first single from the album called ‘Hold it Against Me’.

Choreographer Brian Friedman has also done his part in creating excitement around the single and the new video by declaring:

“She’s taking fashion risks. Things we’ve never seen her wear before she’s wearing in this video, and I think it’s just very sexy and it’s a little bit playful. She’s going to be doing something in this video that we’ve never seen her do. I’m not gonna tell you what that is but she’s going to be sweating and she’s going to be getting bruised and battered”.

Although Brian’s statement certainly leaves much room for speculations, we might be able to find out more about the video at this edition of the Grammy Awards that will be held on February 13 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as ‘Hold It Against Me’ will be the song that will open the ceremony. Until then, we can only hope that the singer’s comeback will be as spectacular as her fans hope it will be and that 13 will turn out to be a lucky number for Britney.

Britney Spears New Album Release Date Set

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